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Episode Details ((Add/Correct Information))

> #14 - The Family Way

When Georgie misses Trevor's soccer game because she has to take Evan to the doctor, Trevor breaks the windows of a vacant house. When Teddy tells her friend, Hank, that she is pregnant, he asks her to move to New York with him. Teddy finally tells the rest of her family about her pregnancy, omitting who's baby it is. While not entirely shocked by Teddy’s news, given her history, are not happy either. And although Mitch wants to claim the child as his, he's uncertain what to tell Frankie, his wife. Meanwhile, Alex decides to pursue a career in interior design, starting with her mother's apartment. While redecorating, Georgie and Alex accidentally walk in on Bea and Truman in a compromising position.

Original Air Date: November 9, 1991

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
While there have been subtle hints in prior episodes about Georgie and John’s declining attention to Trevor, this is his first “acting out” which gets him the wrong kind of attention.

The sauna/towel scene in the beginning already hints at the episode ahead. The woman choose to discuss not keeping secrets from your lovers, it will only get you into trouble. The audience should have assumed this would be in reference to Teddy’s baby, and her not telling her family or Mitch that he’s the father.

At least in the reruns, you never actually SEE or HEAR Teddy make the announcement of her pregnancy to the whole family. Prior to announcing to the whole family, you do see Teddy take Cat aside and tell her. But when Teddy stands up at the table and says, “I have and announcement to make…” a commercial is played. And when you return back to the show and the actors are all talking about the shocking news - like it’s already happened, but you never saw it.


[After discovering he’s the baby’s father]

Mitch: Yeah, everything‘s still the same as it was a minute ago. Except the world just flipped upside down and I almost feel off.


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