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> #61 - A Bolt from the Blue

Frankie owning the Sweet Sixteen Café, takes a chance and hires her nephew Trevor as cashier. Frankie sees Trevor take money and later confronts Trevor, who denies stealing the money. While helping Truman plan a surprise birthday party for Bea; Alex notices that his behavior is strange. When Truman becomes disoriented on various occasions, Alex takes Truman to a doctor who explains that Truman has Alzheimer's. Truman begs Alex not to tell Bea.

And Simon Bolt comes back from the dead! Presumed dead, Simon confesses that he staged his death to escape the pressures of the business world. He claims he's on his way to Tahiti, where he intends to live. Teddy lets Simon stay with her for a few days, but it soon becomes apparent he has no intention of leaving. Falconer tells Teddy he doesn't want to see her until she resolves her relationship with Simon.

Original Air Date: November 13, 1993

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
When we find out Truman has Alzheimer’s, it’s a classic case of “dramatic irony” for the audience. Throughout the episode, Alex hints at Bea to go do spontaneous things with Truman, and “not waiting, because you NEVER KNOW what will happen.” Of course, Alex and the audience does - and we want to beat the idea into Bea’s head as well.

In this episode we find out Trevor has a drug problem. Although, when Georgie finds the evidence, a vile with powder, she says “Coke”. Now, I find this odd - if she had never done the drug, or seen it - why did she automatically say Coke? I may have assumed a drug, but wouldn’t have said Coke just from seeing that. Either I’m not well rehearsed in this area or know too much for my own good, because I would have seen it as “drugs” period, knowing there are far too many out there.

In reference to Teddy’s love triangle between her, Simon, and Falconer, a parody of Casablanca is shown.

Episode: “A Bolt from the Blue” - It’s a play on a famous saying, based on Simon’s last name - Bolt.  

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