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> #59 - The Good Daughter

Kyle Parks is brought to trial. Teddy is afraid that Kyle's defense attorney, Barbara Buckley, will try to Kyle off for CatĎs rape. But Teddy notices a quiet young woman, Mary McConnell, who attends the trial every day and learns that Mary was also raped by Kyle. Unfortunately, the judge refuses to allow Mary's testimony during Cat's trial.

After listening to many days of testimony about rape, Georgie has some disturbing reminiscences. She confesses to her sisters that when she was 18, a young boyfriend raped her. She suppressed the bad memory for all these years.

Original Air Date: October 30, 1993

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
There is a clearly visible scar on Johnís right temple, when heís talking to Georgie in the car about Catís trail.

It stands to reason that Maryís defense against shooting Kyle will be temporary insanity from stress. Stress that no one believed he had raped her, and Cat, and she was present during his release and feared for her own safety again.


Prosecutor: What the hell are you trying to do, lose Catís case for her?

Teddy: No, you can do that just fine on your own!

Prosecutor: Look, right now the case can go either way.

Teddy: Then how do we get it to go our way? How do we get past the prejudicial testimony, and the here-says and the sustains and the over rules? How do we get them to hear what really matters? What that bastard took from my daughter, what he destroyed, and how she is fighting so hard to put the piecing of her life back together againÖ

How do we get them to feel for her? 

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