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> #57 - A Kick in the Caboose

Alex, Georgie, Frankie and Teddy meet in their favorite booth at the Sweet Sixteen, a 1950s cafe, to celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary. The next day at a church seminar, Alex gives an inspirational talk to other cancer survivors like herself. After the program, Norma Lear, producer of Harry Busby's local TV talk show, asks Alex to appear as a guest on the show. After Harry chokes and dies while laughing at one of Alex's jokes, and Norma talks Alex into replacing Harry. Wanting to be close to Cat while she recovers from her rape, Teddy stays at Mitch's house. Soon, Teddy and Mitch mull reconciliation. Georgie is upset when the Sweet Sixteen burns down. Frankie and Georgie try to convince the owners of the "Sweet Sixteen" ice cream shop to rebuild. Frankie comforts Georgie with news that she bought what's left of the Sweet Sixteen and wants Georgie to be her business partner.

Original Air Date: October 16, 1993

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Title: “Kick in the Caboose”

The title of the episode, is a slang term referring to something happening and it changes your outlook on the situation. It is said first by the Bimbo sisters, owners of the Sweet Sixteen. The later various sisters say the same phrase when referring to their own dilemmas in their personal lives.

Teddy: [To Alex in reference to talk show debut] “Break a leg.”

Anyone who is in theater is well aware that saying “Good Luck” is bad luck, so instead, meaning the same thing, “Break a leg”.

In this episode, Mitch resurrects the “Lobster Bouquet”. Since he’s in the seafood business, instead of bringing a dozen roses, or a more traditional gift for the love of his life - he bring them a lobster wrapped up.


Alex: You know I cant remember the first time we came here, can you?

Teddy: Nuh uh.

Georgie: July, 1968. You had tuna, I had turkey, Teddy had grilled cheese, and we all split a rockie road sundae!

[Snickering from the rest of the sisters] Georgie: What can I say, these things matter to me!


Teddy: I’ve always preferred to moving onto new mistakes, rather then make the same ones over.


Georgie: You bought the Sweet Sixteen?!

Frankie: They were having a fire sale…


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