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> #43 - Crimes and Ms. Demeanors

Teddy saves negative reviews of her work by fashion columnist Diana Gottfried and holds a press conference in retaliation. Later, Teddy confronts Diana at a restaurant. When Diana is rude to her, Teddy hits her in the face with a pie. Teddy feels victorious, until Diana sues her for battery and $3,000. While backing out of the driveway in her new car, Georgie has an accident involving the neighbor's dog, Speedy. When Alex goes to the cash machine to withdraw money, it accidentally gives her an additional $2,000, which the bank refuses to take back. She decides to spend the money on a cocktail jacket she saw in a store window earlier that day. In preparation for shopping Alex picks up the shopping bag containing Speedy, thinking it is a purse her sister wants to return to the store. Alex and the salesgirl are shocked by what they find inside.

Original Air Date: January 16, 1993

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