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  Mew Mew Power

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Episode Details ((Add/Correct Information))

> #1 - The Main Mew's Muse

When Dren contaminates five trees in the city, one of them being a tree that Zoey's boyfriend Mark holds dear, can Zoey find the heart to destroy it and save the city from being suffocated?

Original Air Date: February 19, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
This was originally episode 12 in the Japanese version, but it was dropped from the actual series and edited to be used as a "sneak peek" episode (similar to the Winx Club sneak peek episode "Attack of the Senior Witches"). It was supposed to air on September 4, 2004 as part of the "You Say It, We Play It" promo where viewers could go to the 4Kids TV (or Fox Box as it was called back then) website and vote for which of the new 2004-05 shows they wanted to see a sneak peek of then - One Piece, F-Zero: GP Legend, or Mew Mew Power. Mew Mew Power was in first place and it seemed like it was going to win, but somehow, possibly due to a rigging, F-Zero: GP Legend won despite being in last place. This episode was originally going to air February 19, 2005 as a sneak peek and then 4Kids was going to continue to air The Cramp Twins in the timeslot and premiere Mew Mew Power in the fall, but they decided to cancel The Cramp Twins and permanently put Mew Mew Power in its timeslot.

Dub Differences

Identity Revealed! An Out of Season Cherry Tree Falls Away!
4Kids TV Edits: Only 70% of this episode was retained from its original.
Tokyo Mew Mew Airate: 2002-06-22
This episode was cleverly edited to be dropped from the series. In the original, Mark was not supposed to find out Zoey's secret until episode 38. In the beginning, when Zoey is sleeptalking and is afraid her friends know she's a Mew Mew, she was originally afraid they saw her on TV from "The Taming of the Mew". And at the end, Aoyama originally walked up to Ichigo and said, "Ichigo?" and the episode ended.


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