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  Mew Mew Power

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Episode Details ((Add/Correct Information))

> #14 - Butterflies are Freaky

This episode pretty much picks up where Episode 13 left off. Tarb and Sardon taunt Dren, saying that he shouldn't have fallen in love with the enemy. Sardon assures that they will be able to handle the Mew Mews without his help. The main plot of this episode, however, is about Wesley's ex-girlfriend that he is still very much hung up on. His girlfriend, Chrys, is still hung up on him too. The girls work on trying to bring the two together after Zoey reveals that she has been talking to Chrys for a while. Just when they've convinced Wesley to give it another shot, Tarb and Sardon turn up with a new predacyte. The predacyte is borrowing Chrys' soul!!! Can the mew mews defeat the predacyte? Will Wesley get the chance he's been hoping for for years?

Original Air Date: September 10, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Chrys might be short for Chrysalis
This story was not in the original manga
The first episode wher e Mark is not present
Transformation music is back
Sardon's weapon and main attaack is revealed: A fan with Areal Tempest as the attack.
The trademark "Mew Mew Style" wrap is missing

Cast and Crew Notes

Pete Zarustica joins the cast as Cyniclon Sardon
Writer Credit: Ted Lewis was a writer on this episode
Memorable Quotes

Sardon: Unlike you, we form plans and strategies.
Dren: Whoop dee do
Tarb:Tarb: Way to go, Lover boy. Didn't anyone ever tell you you're not supposed to fall in love with the enemy?
Tarb:Nighty Nighty,little Mew Mew Chicks !!


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