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  Mew Mew Power

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> #2 - The Mew Kid in Town

Zoey Hanson is an average high-school student on a date, when the impending danger of a rat monster causes her to transform into a cat-like version of herself.

Original Air Date: February 26, 2005

Other Information (Trivia, Fun Facts, etc):
Predacyte Victim: A rat in the park.

Anime/Manga Differences

In the manga, Zoey met Corina, Bridgette, Kikki, and Renée at Cafe Mew Mew than they get hit by the light, when Zoey woke they disappeared.

Dub Differences

Tokyo Mew Mew Title: Turning into a Cat! Justice Lies in a Girl in Love!
4Kids TV Edits: Only 74% of this episode was retained from its original.
Tokyo Mew Mew Airate: 2002-04-06
4Kids edited the one scene where Zoey finds herself in an alternate universe after the Cola machine falls and Zoey is knocked out. During the scene Zoey finds a cat in the middle of nowhere and picks him up, the cat smiles at her and then jumps into her chest. Our guess of 4Kids editing out this scene is because it deals with brief nudity (though nothing is visible, you'll know she's naked).

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