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> Zabka, William ("The Equalizer")

> Zahara, Alex ("Jeremiah")

> Zaino, Jessica ("Daria")

> Zann, Lenore ("X-Men")

> Zano, Nick ("What I Like About You")

> Zaremba, Kathryn ("Sisters")

> Zaremba, John ("Dallas")

> Zarustica, Pete ("Mew Mew Power")

> Zayas, David ("Oz")

> Zehetner, Nora ("Everwood")

> Zell, Harry von ("The George Gobel Show")

> Zeppieri, Richard ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Zien, Chip ("Almost Perfect")

> Ziering, Ian ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Zimbalist, Stephanie ("Remington Steele")

> Zimbalist Jr., Efrem ("The F.B.I.")

> Zimmer (I), Constance ("In Justice")

> Zimmerman, Joe ("Earth2")

> Zirnkilton, Steven

> Zito, Chuck ("Oz")

> Zukav, Gary ("The Oprah Winfrey Show")

> Zulu, ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Zuniga, Daphne ("Beautiful People")

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