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> Fabares, Shelley ("Coach")

> Fabian, Patrick ("Joan of Arcadia")

> Fabiani, Joel ("Dallas")

> Fabio, ("Acapulco H.E.A.T.")

> Fabray, Nanette ("One Day at a Time")

> Fafara, Tiger ("Leave it to Beaver")

> Fafara, Stanley ("Leave it to Beaver")

> Fagerbakke, Bill ("SpongeBob SquarePants / Spongeboy Squarepants")

> Fairbairn, Bruce ("The Rookies")

> Fairfax, James ("The Gale Storm Show / Oh Susanna")

> Fairman, Michael ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Faison, Donald ("Scrubs")

> Faison, Frankie ("The Wire")

> Falco, Edie ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Falk, Peter

> Farber, Stacey

> Farentino, James

> Farentino, Debrah ("Earth2")

> Fargas, Anthony ("Starsky And Hutch")

> Farina, Dennis ("Law And Order")

> Faris, Sean ("Reunion")

> Farley, Duke ("Car 54, Where Are You?")

> Farr, Jamie ("M*A*S*H")

> Farr, Diane ("Roswell")

> Farrell, Mike ("Providence")

> Farrell, Tommy ("Bourbon Street Beat")

> Farrell, Sharon ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Farrell, Terry ("Becker")

> Fassbender, Michael ("")

> Fassler, Ron ("Alien Nation")

> Faulkner, Lisa ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Faust, Chad ("The 4400")

> Fava, Juan ("Iron Chef")

> Fawcett, Farrah ("Charlie's Angels")

> Fawcett, William ("Gangbusters")

> Faylen, Frank ("The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis")

> Fehr, Brendan ("Roswell")

> Feig, Paul ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Feigel, Sylvia ("Strange Paradise")

> Feingold, Sharon ("Mew Mew Power")

> Feldman (I), Ben ("Living with Fran / Robbing the Cradle / Shacking Up / So Wrong / Untitled Jamie Kennedy Project")

> Feldon, Barbara ("Get Smart")

> Felix, Otto ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Fell, Norman ("The Ropers")

> Felt, Jan Broberg ("Everwood")

> Fenn, Sherilyn ("Twin Peaks")

> Ferchland, Andrew J. ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Ferda, Mem ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Ferdinand, Delon ("Daria")

> Ferguson, Dana ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Ferguson, Matthew ("La Femme Nikita")

> Ferguson, Craig ("The Drew Carey Show")

> Ferguson, Frank ("Sugarfoot / Tenderfoot (UK)")

> Ferguson, Jay R. ("Surface")

> Ferguson, Mark ("Cleopatra 2525")

> Ferlito, Vanessa ("CSI: New York")

> Fernandez, Peter ("The Adventures of Superboy")

> Ferraez, Marcos A. ("Pacific Blue")

> Ferrara, Jerry ("Entourage")

> Ferrell, Conchata ("Two And A Half Men")

> Ferrell, Andrea ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Ferrer, Miguel ("Crossing Jordan")

> Ferrero, Martin ("Miami Vice")

> Ferris, Alex ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Ferris, Samantha ("The 4400")

> Ferry, Simon ("Mirror Mirror 2")

> Feuerstein, Mark ("Caroline in the City")

> Fichtner, William ("Invasion")

> Fiedler, John ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Field, Virginia ("Ford Theatre / The Ford Television Theatre / Ford Theater")

> Field, Sylvia ("Dennis the Menace")

> Field, Ayda ("Blue Collar TV")

> Fielding (II), David ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> Fields, Sid ("The Abbott and Costello Show")

> Fields, Kim ("I Love The 80's")

> Fields, Chip ("Living Single")

> Fields, Alexis ("Kenan & Kel")

> Filar, Maia ("The Magic School Bus")

> Filippo, Fab ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Fillion, Nathan ("Firefly")

> Findley, Nicollette ("Wild Kat")

> Finkel, Fyvush ("Boston Public")

> Finley, Pat ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Finneran, Katie ("The Inside")

> Finnigan, Candy ("Intervention")

> Finnigan, Jennifer ("Close to Home")

> Firth, Peter ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Fiscella, Andrew ("Meet the Barkers")

> Fischer, Jenna ("The Office (UK) / The Office: An American Workplace (USA)")

> Fishel, Danielle ("Boy Meets World")

> Fisher, Shug ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Fisher, Joely ("Desperate Housewives")

> Fisher, Eddie ("The George Gobel Show")

> Fisher, Bryan ("George Lopez / The George Lopez Show")

> Fishman, Michael ("Roseanne")

> Fite, Bobby ("Silver Spoons")

> Fitzgerald, Fern ("Dallas")

> Fitzgerald, Melissa ("The West Wing")

> Fitzgerald (I), Christopher ("Twins")

> Fitzsimmons, Emmett ("The Adventures of Superboy")

> Flagg, Fannie ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Flaherty, Joe ("Second City TV")

> Flanagan, Patrick ("Strong Medicine")

> Flanagan, Fionnula ("")

> Flanigan, Joe ("Stargate: Atlantis")

> Flannery, Susan ("Dallas")

> Flannery (I), Kate ("The Office (UK) / The Office: An American Workplace (USA)")

> Flash, Grandmaster ("The Chris Rock Show")

> Flatt, Lester ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Fleck, John ("Carnivale")

> Fleischer, Charles

> Fleming, Jim ("To Tell the Truth")

> Fletcher, Page ("The Hitchhiker")

> Flint, Sam ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Flippin, Lucy Lee ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Flockhart, Calista ("Ally McBeal")

> Florek, Dann ("Law And Order: Special Victims Unit")

> Flores, Von ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Floria, Holly ("Acapulco H.E.A.T.")

> Flower, Gilly ("Fawlty Towers")

> Floyd, Robert ("Sliders")

> Flueger, Patrick ("The 4400")

> Flynn, Joe ("The Joey Bishop Show")

> Flynn, Miriam ("DuckTales")

> Flynn, Morgan ("Strong Medicine")

> Foley, Dave ("The Kids in the Hall")

> Foley, Joseph ("The Aldrich Family")

> Foley, Ellen ("Night Court")

> Foley, Scott ("The Unit")

> Fonda, Henry ("The Smith Family")

> Fong, Kam ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Fonseca, Lyndsy ("How I Met Your Mother")

> Fontaine, Joan ("To Tell the Truth")

> Foray, June ("The Looney Tunes Show")

> Forbes, Michelle ("Homicide: Life on the Street")

> Forbes, Don ("The Millionaire / If You Had a Million")

> Ford, Constance

> Ford, Tennessee Ernie ("The Ford Show / The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show")

> Ford, Faith ("Hope & Faith / Hope and Faith")

> Fordham Jr., Edward 'Grapevine' ("Cuts")

> Foree, Ken ("Kenan & Kel")

> Foreman, Amanda ("Felicity")

> Forest, Denis ("War of the Worlds")

> Foret, Sarah ("Beautiful People")

> Forman, Joey ("The Joey Bishop Show")

> Forrest, Steve ("Dallas")

> Forrest, Frederic ("21 Jump Street")

> Forrest, Jodie ("Code Lyoko / Code: Lyoko")

> Forster, Roger ("To Tell the Truth")

> Forsythe, John ("Dynasty")

> Forte, Joseph ("Life with Luigi")

> Foster, Meg ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Foster, Kimberly ("Dallas")

> Foster, Phil ("Laverne & Shirley")

> Foster, Ruth ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Foster, Jon ("Life As We Know It")

> Foulk, Robert ("Father Knows Best")

> Fowley, Douglas ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Fox, Michael J. ("Spin City")

> Fox, Colin ("Strange Paradise")

> Fox, Matthew ("Lost")

> Fox, Jorja ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")

> Fox, Michael ("Science Fiction Theatre")

> Fox, Sonny ("To Tell the Truth")

> Fox (I), Megan ("Hope & Faith / Hope and Faith")

> Foxworth, Jaimee ("Family Matters")

> Foxworth, Robert ("Falcon Crest")

> Foxworthy, Jeff ("Blue Collar TV")

> Foxx, Jamie ("The Jamie Foxx Show")

> Fraction, Karen E. ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Frakes, Jonathan ("Star Trek: The Next Generation")

> Fraley, Pat ("G.I. Joe")

> Francine, Anne ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Francis, Anne ("Dallas")

> Francis, Missy ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Francis, Ryan J. ("Sisters")

> Francks, Don ("La Femme Nikita")

> Francks, Rainbow ("Stargate: Atlantis")

> Franco, James ("Freaks and Geeks")

> Frank, Carl ("Mama")

> Frank, Jason David ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> Frankel (I), Mark ("Sisters")

> Franken, Steve ("The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis")

> Franklin, John

> Franklin, David ("Farscape")

> Franklin, Don ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Franklin, Bonnie ("One Day at a Time")

> Frann, Mary ("Newhart")

> Frantz, Marjorie ("Daria")

> Franz, Dennis ("NYPD Blue")

> Fraser, Bob ("Benson")

> Frawley, William ("My Three Sons")

> Frazer, Dan ("Kojak")

> Fredericks, Charles E. ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Freeman, Kathleen ("DuckTales")

> Freeman, Yvette ("ER")

> Freeman, Jennifer ("My Wife And Kids")

> Freeman, K. Todd ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Freeman, Mona ("Climax / Climax Mystery Theater")

> Frees, Paul ("The Millionaire / If You Had a Million")

> French, Victor ("Little House on the Prairie")

> French, Leigh ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Friebus, Florida ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Friedle, Will

> Friedlinghaus, Ryan ("Pimp My Ride")

> Friedman, David ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Fries, Otto ("Little Rascals")

> Frischman, Dan ("Kenan & Kel")

> Frizzell, Lou ("Bonanza")

> Frome, Milton ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Frost, Warren ("Twin Peaks")

> Frost, Alice ("Mama")

> Frost, Jo ("Supernanny")

> Frye, Soleil Moon ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Fuccello, Tom ("Dallas")

> Fudge, Alan ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Fuentes, Daisy ("America's Funniest Home Videos / AFHV")

> Fugelsang, John ("America's Funniest Home Videos / AFHV")

> Fujitani, Miwako ("Iron Chef")

> Fukui, Kenji ("Iron Chef")

> Fulger, Holly

> Fuller, Clem ("Gunsmoke")

> Fuller, Drew ("Charmed")

> Funaro, Robert ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Funt, Peter ("Candid Camera")

> Furlan, Mira ("Lost")

> Furness, Betty ("Studio One")

> Furst, Stephen ("Babylon 5")

> Fusco, Paul ("ALF")

> Futterman, Nika ("CatDog")

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