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> Eads, George ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")

> East, Robert ("The Black Adder")

> Easterbrook, Leslie ("Laverne & Shirley")

> Eastham, Richard ("Wonder Woman")

> Easton, Sheena ("Miami Vice")

> Easton, Robert ("Racket Squad")

> Eastwood, Dina ("Candid Camera")

> Eaton, Meredith ("Family Law")

> Eben, Al ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Ebsen, Buddy ("Barnaby Jones")

> Eccleston, Christopher ("Doctor Who (2005)")

> Ecker, Guy ("Las Vegas")

> Eckert, Katherine

> Eckhouse, James ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Ed, Mister ("Mister Ed")

> Edelstein, Lisa ("Almost Perfect")

> Eden, Barbara ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Edgar, Stacie ("Cleopatra 2525")

> Edgar, Derek ("Gilmore Girls")

> Edgerly, Chris ("Drawn Together")

> Edgley, Gigi ("Farscape")

> Edwards, Stacy ("Chicago Hope")

> Edwards, Gail ("Full House")

> Edwards, Sam ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Edwards, Anthony ("ER")

> Edwards, Marianne ("Little Rascals")

> Edwards, Douglas ("Armstrong Circle Theatre")

> Edwards, Ralph ("This Is Your Life")

> Edwards, Daryl ("Hope & Faith / Hope and Faith")

> Efron, Zac ("Summerland")

> Eggert, Nicole ("Baywatch")

> Eigeman, Chris ("Gilmore Girls")

> Eilbacher, Lisa ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries")

> Einstein, Bob ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Eisenberg, Aron ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine")

> Eisenberg, Susan ("Justice League Unlimited / Justice League of America")

> Eisley, Anthony ("The F.B.I.")

> Eisner, Michael ("Disneyland / The Wonderful World of Disney / Walt Disney / Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color")

> Elam, Jack ("Sugarfoot / Tenderfoot (UK)")

> Elba, Idris ("The Wire")

> Elcar, Dana ("MacGyver")

> Elder, Judyann ("Family Matters")

> Electra, Carmen ("Tripping The Rift")

> Eleniak, Erika ("Baywatch")

> Elfman, Jenna ("Everything I Know About Men")

> Elise, Kimberly ("Close to Home")

> Elizabeth, Shannon ("Cuts")

> Elizondo, Hector ("Chicago Hope")

> Elliot, Dick ("The Andy Griffith Show")

> Elliot, Mark ("Disneyland / The Wonderful World of Disney / Walt Disney / Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color")

> Elliott, Stephen ("Dallas")

> Elliott, David ("JAG")

> Elliott, Chris ("Cursed/The Weber Show")

> Elliott, Ross ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Elliott, Brennan ("Strong Medicine")

> Elliott, William ("Adam-12 / Adam 12")

> Elliott, Cheryl ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Ellis, Ephraim

> Ellis, Robert ("The Aldrich Family")

> Ellis, Herbert ("Peter Gunn / Gunn for Hire")

> Ellis, Aunjanue ("E-Ring")

> Ellis, Nelsan ("The Inside")

> Elmore, Barney ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Elson, Andrea ("ALF")

> Elwood, Chris ("Punk'd")

> Ely, Ron ("Tarzan")

> Elyashkevich, Dimitry ("Jackass")

> Emanuel, Mindi ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Emerson, Douglas ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Emerson, Hope ("Peter Gunn / Gunn for Hire")

> Emery, Julie Ann ("Commander in Chief / Commander-in-Chief")

> Enberg, Alexander ("Star Trek: Voyager")

> Endo, Harry ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Engel, Georgia ("Mary Tyler Moore")

> Engel, Roy ("The Wild Wild West / The Wild, Wild West")

> England, Dave ("Jackass")

> English, Ellia ("The Jamie Foxx Show")

> English, Corri ("The Bedford Diaries")

> Englund, Robert ("The Batman")

> Engvall, Bill ("Blue Collar TV")

> Enriquez, Susan ("Pacific Blue")

> Epps, Omar ("House")

> Epstein, Jake ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")

> Erbe, Kathryn ("Law And Order : Criminal Intent")

> Ergin, Tarik ("Star Trek: Voyager")

> Eriksen, Kaj-Erik ("The 4400")

> Eriksson, Josh ("Deadwood")

> Erskine, Marilyn ("Lux Video Theatre / Summer Video Theatre")

> Erwin (II), Mike ("Everwood")

> Espinoza, Mark David ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Esposito, Giancarlo ("South Beach (2006)")

> Esposito, Jennifer ("Related")

> Essler, Fred ("Racket Squad")

> Essman, Susie ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

> Estes (I), Will ("Reunion")

> Estrada, Erik ("CHiPs")

> Estrada, Erik-Michael ("Making The Band")

> Ettinger, Cynthia ("Carnivale")

> Evans, Linda ("Dynasty")

> Evans, Mike ("The Jeffersons")

> Evans, Damon ("The Jeffersons")

> Evans, Maurice ("Tarzan")

> Eve, ("Eve")

> Everhard, Nancy ("Everwood")

> Evigan, Greg ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Evison, Kathy ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Ewell, Tom ("Baretta")

> Ewing, Blake McIver ("Full House")

> Ewing, Roger ("Gunsmoke")

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