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  To Tell the Truth

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Cast & Guest Stars
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Johnny Olson.....   Announcer (1960-1972)
Born: May 22, 1910
Birth Place: Windom, Minnesota, USA

Biography: John Leonard "Johnny" Olson (May 22, 1910 October 12, 1985) was an American radio and television announcer.

Born in Windom, Minnesota, Olson became known for his announcer roles on televi ... [more]

Jayne Meadows.....   Guest Panelist (7 episodes)
Born: September 27, 1920
Birth Place: Wu-ch'ang, China. [now Wuchang, China]

Biography: Jayne Meadows (September 27, 1920) is an actress and author. She was born in Wu-ch'ang [now Wuchang], China. She is the older sister of Audrey Meadows. She was married to Steve Allen from 1954 until h ... [more]

Dina Merrill.....   Guest Panelist (15 episodes)
Born: December 9, 1925
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Nedenia Marjorie Hutton (born December 9, 1925) is an American actress known as Dina Merrill. The daughter of Wall Street wizard Edward F. Hutton and Post Cereals heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, h ... [more]

Jackie Cooper.....   Guest Panelist (13 episodes)
Born: September 15, 1922
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography: Jackie Cooper (born John Cooper, Jr. on September 15, 1922) is an American actor and film director, one of the few child actors who managed to transition into an adult career. Born in Los Angeles, Cal ... [more]

Sally Ann Howes.....   Guest Panelist (9 episodes)
Born: July 20, 1930
Birth Place: London, England, UK

Biography: Sally Ann Howes is an actress born on July 20, 1930, in London, England to British comedian/actor/singer/variety star Bobby Howes (b. 1895, d. 1972) and actress/singer Patricia Malone (b. 1899, d. 197 ... [more]

Vicki Tiel.....   Herself
Born: January 1, 1900


Ann Sheridan.....   Herself (11 episodes)
Born: February 21, 1915
Birth Place: Denton, Texas, USA

Biography: Ann Sheridan (February 21, 1915 January 21, 1967) was an American film actress.

Born Clara Lou Sheridan in Denton, Texas, she was a college student when her sister sent a photograph of he ... [more]

Hildy Parks.....   Herself/panelist (1956-1957)
Born: March 15, 1926
Birth Place: Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Biography: Actress-cum-writer Hildy Parks was born in Washington, D.C. in 1926. She pursued acting following her graduation from the University of Virginia and made her New York stage debut in the role of Curley ... [more]

Betty White.....   Herself/panelist (1961)
Born: January 17, 1922
Birth Place: Oak Park, Illinois


Phyllis Newman.....   Herself/panelist (1962-1965)
Born: March 19, 1933
Birth Place: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA


Joan Fontaine.....   Herself/panelist (1962-1965)
Born: October 22, 1917
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Biography: Joan Fontaine (born October 22, 1917) is a British actress. Born Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland in Tokyo, Japan, the daughter of Walter de Havilland, a British patent attorney with a practice in Japan ... [more]

Polly Bergen.....   Herself/panelist (1956-1961)
Born: July 14, 1930
Birth Place: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Biography: Polly Bergen (born Nellie Paulina Burgin on July 14, 1930, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA) is an American actress, singer, and entrepreneur. ... [more]

Kitty Carlisle.....   Herself/panelist (1956-1981)
Born: September 3, 1910
Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Biography: Kitty Carlisle Hart (b. 3 September 1910) is a United States singer, actress, and spokeswoman for the arts. She is probably best known from being a regular panelist on the television game show To Tell ... [more]

Peggy Cass.....   Herself/panelist (1964-1981)
Born: May 21, 1924
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Biography: Mary Margaret (Peggy) Cass (May 21, 1924 - March 8, 1999) was an actress and comedienne.

She was best known for her performance as Agnes Gooch in Auntie Mame on both Broadway and in the fil ... [more]

Chester Gould.....   Himself
Born: November 20, 1900
Birth Place: Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Biography: Chester Gould (November 20, 1900 May 11, 1985) was the creator of the Dick Tracy comic strip, which he wrote and drew from 1931 to 1977. Gould was best known for his colorful, often monstrous, villa ... [more]

Tom Poston.....   Himself - Panelist
Born: October 17, 1921
Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio


Johnny Carson.....   Himself - Panelist (1961)
Born: October 23, 1925
Birth Place: Corning, Iowa, USA

Biography: John William "Johnny" Carson (October 23, 1925 January 23, 2005) was an American actor, comedian and writer best known for his iconic status as the host of The Tonight Show from 1962 until 1992, and ... [more]

Jack Clark.....   Himself - substitute host/announcer (1961-1964)
Born: December 13, 1921
Birth Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Biography: Jack Clark (December 13, 1921 - July 21, 1988) was a well known American game show emcee and announcer. He is remembered for his hosting duties on The Cross-Wits which ran from late 1975 to early Sept ... [more]

Roger Forster.....   Himself/Announcer (1960)
Born: January 1, 1900


Bern Bennett.....   Himself/Announcer (1956-1960)
Born: October 19, 1921


Bob Shepard.....   Himself/commercial announcer


Dwight Weist.....   Himself/commercial announcer
Born: January 16, 1910
Birth Place: Palo Alto, California, USA


James Daly.....   Himself/commercial announcer
Born: October 23, 1918
Birth Place: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA

Biography: James Daly (October 23, 1918-July 3, 1978) was an American actor. He is best known in film for his portrayal of Doctor Honorious in the original Planet of the Apes, and on television as the lead in th ... [more]

Bud Collyer.....   Himself/Host
Born: June 18, 1908
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Bud Collyer (June 18, 1908 September 8, 1969) was an American voice actor and game show host, born Clayton J. Heermance, Jr.

He was born in New York City.

He provided the voice ... [more]

Barry Nelson.....   Himself/panelist (1962-1965)
Born: April 16, 1920
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Biography: Barry Nelson (born April 16, 1920 in San Francisco, California), born Robert Haakon Nielson, is an American film, stage and television actor. One of his biggest claims to fame is that of having been t ... [more]

Don Ameche.....   Himself/panelist (1956-1961)
Born: May 31, 1908
Birth Place: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Biography: Don Ameche (May 31, 1908 December 6, 1993) was an American actor.

Born Dominic Felix Amici in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Ameche began his career in vaudeville with Texas Guinan until Guinan drop ... [more]

Orson Bean.....   Himself/panelist (1964-1968)
Born: July 22, 1928
Birth Place: Burlington, Vermont


Hy Gardner.....   Himself/panelist (1957-1959)
Born: December 2, 1908
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Hy Gardner (December 2, 1908 June 17, 1989) was a columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, host of The Hy Gardner Show, and a regular panelist on the first incarnation of To Tell The Truth. ... [more]

Hal Simms.....   Himself/substitute announcer (1959-1960)
Born: June 10, 1919
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Merv Griffin.....   Himself/substitute host (1962-1963)
Born: July 6, 1925
Birth Place: San Mateo, California, USA

Biography: Merv(yn Edward) Griffin, Jr. (born July 6, 1925 in San Mateo, California) is a United States talk show host, entertainer, and television personality and executive. He devised the game show Jeopardy! a ... [more]

John Cameron Swayze.....   Himself/substitute host (1959-1960)
Born: April 4, 1906
Birth Place: Wichita, Kansas, USA


Sonny Fox.....   Himself/substitute host (1961-1962)
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA


Jim Fleming.....   Himself/substitute host (1958)
Born: January 1, 1900


Ralph Bellamy.....   Himself/substitute host (1957)
Born: June 17, 1904
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Biography: Ralph Bellamy (June 17, 1904 - November 29, 1991) was an American actor.

Bellamy was born in Chicago, Illinois. He began his acting career on stage, and by 1927 owned his own theatre compan ... [more]

Robert Q. Lewis.....   Himself/substitute host (1962-1966)
Born: April 5, 1921
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Robert Q. Lewis (April 5, 1921 - December 11, 1991) is best known for his involvement with a number of game shows in the 1950s, serving as host, guest host, panelist, guest panelist, and even as a mys ... [more]

Gene Rayburn.....   Himself/substitute host/Panelist (1963-1968)
Born: December 22, 1917
Birth Place: Christopher, Illinois, USA

Biography: Gene Rayburn, born Eugene Rubessa (December 22, 1917-November 29, 1999), was an American radio and television personality.

Rayburn was born in Christopher, Illinois, and became a popular ra ... [more]

Mike Wallace.....   Panelist (1958)
Born: May 19, 1918
Birth Place: Brookline, Massachusetts

Biography: Mike Wallace (born May 9, 1918 as Myron Leon Wallace) is an American journalist with a long-running career. He is most well-known to modern audiences as a television correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes ... [more]


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