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  My So-Called Life

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Claire Danes.....   Angela Chase (1994-1995)
Born: April 12, 1979
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Claire Catherine Danes (born April 12, 1979 in New York City) is an American film actress. She is perhaps most famous as protagonist Angela Chase in the 1994 teenage television drama series My So-Call ... [more]

Devon Gummersall.....   Brian Krakow
Born: October 15, 1978
Birth Place: Durango, Colorado, USA

Biography: Devon Gummersall (born October 15, 1978 in Durango, Colorado) is an American television and film actor best known for his work on the cult classic television show My So-Called Life.

He bega ... [more]

Mary Kay Place.....   Camille Cherski (6 episodes)
Born: September 23, 1947
Birth Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma


Lisa Wilhoit.....   Danielle Chase
Born: July 30, 1981
Birth Place: Hollywood, California, USA

Biography: Lisa Wilhoit graduated from Granada Hills High School, with silver honors, in 1999. During Lisa's spare time she horseback rides and competes in the English show circuit. She has ridden for four years ... [more]

Wilson Cruz.....   Enrique (Rickie) Vasquez
Born: December 27, 1973
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: Wilson Cruz (born December 27, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, USA) is a gay Puerto Rican-American actor. ... [more]

Tom Irwin.....   Graham Chase
Born: June 1, 1956
Birth Place: Peoria, Illinois, USA

Biography: A native of Illinois, Tom Irwin attended Illinois State University. After graduation, he joined the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago. The renowned ensemble of artists - among them La ... [more]

Lisa Waltz.....   Hallie Lowenthal (5 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA


Jared Leto.....   Jordan Catalano
Born: December 26, 1971
Birth Place: Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

Biography: Jared Leto (born December 26, 1971 in Bossier City, Louisiana) is an American actor. His first major acting performance was in the television series My So-Called Life. From there, he continued with mo ... [more]

Johnny Green.....   Kyle Vinnovich (6 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Johnny Green Jr.


May Quigley.....   Mrs. Lerner / Mrs. Renée Lerner (4 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Bess Armstrong.....   Patty Chase
Born: December 11, 1953
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA


A.J. Langer.....   Rayanne Graff
Born: May 22, 1974
Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Biography: Allison Joy Langer (born 22 May 1974), better known as A. J. Langer, is an American film and television actress, best known for her work on the cult classic television show My So-Called Life.


Jeff Perry.....   Richard Katimski / Richard Katimiski (4 episodes)
Born: August 16, 1955
Birth Place: Highland Park, Illinois, USA


Devon Odessa.....   Sharon Cherski
Born: January 18, 1974
Birth Place: Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA



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