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Ron Rifkin.....   Arvin Sloane
Born: October 31, 1939
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Ron Rifkin, born October 31, 1939, in New York City, New York, is a film, stage, and television actor.

Rifkin won a 1998 Tony Award for best supporting actor in the Broadway revival of Caba ... [more]

Ira Heiden.....   C.I.A. Techie Rick McCarthy (7 episodes)


Kevin Sutherland.....   CIA Agent Blake (9 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Patricia Wettig.....   Dr. Judy Barnett (12 episodes)
Born: December 4, 1951
Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Biography: Patricia Wettig won three Emmy Awards for Best actress in a dramatic series for her work on ABC's thirtysomething. She has also starred in many films, including City Slickers, Guilty by Suspicion, and ... [more]

Amy Irving.....   Emily Sloane (9 episodes)
Born: September 10, 1953
Birth Place: Palo Alto, California, USA

Biography: Amy Irving (born September 10, 1953 in Palo Alto, California) is an American actress. Her parents are director Jules Irving and actress Priscilla Pointer.

Irving has appeared in films such ... [more]

Greg Grunberg.....   Eric Weiss (2001 -)
Born: July 11, 1966
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography: Greg Grunberg, born July 11, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, is a television actor. He is best-known for his television roles as Sean Blumberg on Felicity (1998-2002) and as Eric Weiss on Alias (2001 ... [more]

Terry O'Quinn.....   F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall (18 episodes)
Born: July 15, 1952
Birth Place: Newberry, Michigan, USA

Biography: Terry O'Quinn (Born: July 15, 1952 in Newberry, Michigan, USA) is an American actor.

O'Quinn began acting in the 1970s in films from Tombstone to Heaven's Gate. His early television guest s ... [more]

Merrin Dungey.....   Francie Calfo/Allison Doren (2001-2003)
Born: August 6, 1971
Birth Place: Sacramento, California, USA

Biography: Merrin Dungey, born August 6, 1971, California, is a film and television actress. She is best-known for her role as Francie Calfo on the successful television drama Alias, which she played from 2001 t ... [more]

Lena Olin.....   Irina Derevko (2002-2003)
Born: March 22, 1956
Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Biography: Lena Olin (born March 22, 1956) is an internationally acclaimed actress. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden as the youngest of three children. Her father, Stig Olin was also an actor and appeared in se ... [more]

Victor Garber.....   Jack Bristow
Born: March 16, 1949
Birth Place: London, Ontario, Canada

Biography: Victor Joseph Garber, born March 16, 1949, in London, Ontario, Canada, is a film, stage, and television actor.

Garber began acting at the age of nine, joining the University of Toronto's Ha ... [more]

David Anders.....   Julian Sark (2002-2004)
Born: March 11, 1981
Birth Place: Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Biography: David Anders, born David Anders Holt on March 11, 1981), in Grants Pass, Oregon, is an television and stage actor.

Anders got his acting start in local theatre productions such as Jesus Chr ... [more]

Melissa George.....   Lauren Reed (2003-2004)
Born: August 6, 1976
Birth Place: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Biography: Melissa Suzanne George (born August 6, 1976) is an Australian actress and athlete who has worked in both American and Australian movies and television series. She was an Australian national champion i ... [more]

Carl Lumbly.....   Marcus Dixon
Born: August 14, 1952
Birth Place: Jamaica, West Indies


Kevin Weisman.....   Marshall Flinkman
Born: December 29, 1970
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography: Kevin Weisman, born December 29, 1970 in Los Angeles, California, is a film and television actor. His best-known role is Marshall Flinkman on the hit television series Alias (2001-present). Weisman is ... [more]

Michael Vartan.....   Michael Vaughn
Born: November 27, 1968
Birth Place: Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, le-de-France, France

Biography: Michael Vartan, born November 27, 1968, in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, le-de-France, France, is a film and television actor. He is the nephew of French pop singer Sylvie Vartan.

... [more]

Ma Maestro.....   Nadia Santos (2005 -)
Born: June 19, 1978
Birth Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biography: Ma Maestro, born June 19, 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an Argentinian actress and a trained classical music vocalist, which she learned in Berlin, Germany at age 18. There she also learned the ... [more]

Jennifer Garner.....   Sydney Bristow
Born: April 17, 1972
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, USA

Biography: Jennifer Anne Garner (born April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas) is an American film and television actress.

Although Garner was born in Texas, her father's engineering job with Union Carbide f ... [more]

Bradley Cooper.....   Will Tippin (2001-2003)
Born: January 5, 1975
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Bradley Cooper, born January 5, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a film, stage, and television actor.

Cooper studied at the Actors Studio Drama School at New School University before ... [more]


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