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  Life As We Know It

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Carly McKillip.....   Ali O'Keefe (6 episodes) 

Becky Ann Baker.....   Amanda Conner (4 episodes) 

Lisa Darr.....   Annie Whitman  

Jon Foster.....   Ben Conner  

Kelly Osbourne.....   Deborah Tynan  

Sean Faris.....   Dino Whitman  

Missy Peregrym.....   Jackie Bradford  

Chris Lowell.....   Jonathan Fields  

Evan Smith.....   Max Whitman (8 episodes) 

Sarah Strange.....   Mia Tynan (7 episodes) 

D.B. Sweeney.....   Michael Whitman  

Marguerite Moreau.....   Monica Young (2004-2005) 

Jessica Lucas.....   Sue Miller  

Jessica Harmon.....   Zoe Cresswell (6 episodes) 


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