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  Justice League Unlimited / Justice League of America

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Corey Burton.....   Bald Technician / Brainiac (10 episodes) 

Kevin Conroy.....   Bruce Wayne/Batman (voice)  

Jennifer Hale.....   Inza Nelson / Black Siren (11 episodes) 

Carl Lumbly.....   J'onn J'onzz/The Martian Manhunter (voice)  

Phil LaMarr.....   John Stewart/Green Lantern (voice)  

Clancy Brown.....   Lex Luthor (14 episodes) 

Susan Eisenberg.....   Princess Diana/Wonder Woman (voice)  

Maria Canals.....   Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl (voice) (2001-2004, 2004 -) 

Jason Marsden.....   Snapper Carr (9 episodes) 

Mark Hamill.....   The Joker / Solomon Grundy (9 episodes) 

Michael Rosenbaum.....   Wally West/The Flash (voice)  


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