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  The Garry Moore Show / The Garry Moore Evening Show

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Garry Moore.....   Host
Born: January 31, 1915
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Biography: Garry Moore (or erroneously Gary Moore) (January 31, 1915 – November 28, 1993) was born in Baltimore, Maryland as Thomas Garrison Morfit. He was a television host on several programs during the 1950s ... [more]

Durward Kirby.....   Regular
Born: August 24, 1912
Birth Place: Covington, Kentucky, USA

Biography: Versatile US TV funnyman Durward Kirby, who for years played second banana on "The Garry Moore Show" and for a time was co-host of Candid Camera, started out in radio in the Midwest. The tall (6-foot- ... [more]

Carol Burnett.....   Regular (1959-1962)
Born: April 26, 1933
Birth Place: San Antonio, Texas


Marion Lorne.....   Regular
Born: August 12, 1883
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Marion Lorne née Marion McDougall, was an American actress born in August 12, 1883, 1886 or 1888 (sources vary) at West Pittston, a small mining town that was situated half way between Wilkes-Barre an ... [more]

Dorothy Loudon.....   Regular (1962-1964)
Born: September 17, 1933
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Biography: Dorothy Loudon (September 17, 1933 - November 15, 2003) was a Broadway actress noted for her comedy and belting singing voice, which she used to deliver a wide range of musical comedy and Roaring Twen ... [more]

Terry O'Mara.....   Regular (1966-1967)
Born: September 28, 1945
Birth Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



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