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  Treasury Men in Action

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

John Stephenson.....   Agent Trumbull (1955)
Born: August 9, 1923
Birth Place: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Biography: John Stephenson (b. August 9, 1923, Kenosha, Wisconsin) is an American voice actor. He has also been credited as "John Stevenson." Stephenson worked for decades for Hanna-Barbera, providing supporting ... [more]

William Tannen.....   Brewster (1955)
Born: November 17, 1911
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA


Don Dillaway.....   Customs Inspector (1955)
Born: March 17, 1903
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA


Charles Bronson.....   Frankie Ames / Vince (2 episodes)
Born: November 3, 1921
Birth Place: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Charles Bronson (November 3, 1921 August 30, 2003) was an American actor of "tough guy" roles. In most of his roles he starred as a brutal police detective, a western gunfighter, vigilante, boxer or ... [more]

Skip Homeier.....   Jimmy Randall (1955)
Born: October 5, 1930
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Biography: Beginning on radio in his native Chicago at age six ("Portia Faces Life", Skippy Homeier (ne George Vincent Homeier) came to films at age 14 with Tomorrow, the World! (1944), originally a 1943 Broadwa ... [more]

Amzie Strickland.....   Kay Randall (1955)
Born: January 1, 1900


Walter Greaza.....   The Chief (1950-1955)
Born: January 1, 1897
Birth Place: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


James Dean.....   unknown (2 episodes)
Born: February 8, 1931
Birth Place: Marion, Indiana, USA

Biography: James Byron Dean (February 8, 1931 September 30, 1955) was an American film actor. Epitomizing youthful angst and charisma, Dean's screen persona is probably best embodied in the title of his most ... [more]

Ross Martin.....   unknown (4 episodes)
Born: March 22, 1920
Birth Place: Grodek, Poland


Elisha Cook Jr......   unknown (1955)
Born: December 26, 1903
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Biography: Diminutive character actor Elisha Cook Jr. (born December 26, 1903 in San Francisco, California, USA, died May 18, 1995 in Big Pine, California) made a career playing cowardly villians and neurotics. ... [more]


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