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  Space Patrol / Satellite Police

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Norman Jolley.....   Agent X  

Dick Tufeld.....   Announcer  

Jack Narz.....   Announcer  

Morgan Shaan.....   Axel / Guard (6 episodes) 

Lyn Osborn.....   Cadet Happy  

Virginia Hewitt.....   Carol Carlisle  

Ed Kemmer.....   Cmdr. Buzz Corry  

Glen Denning.....   Cmdr. Kit Corry  

Fred Howard.....   Doctor Beck / Henry (6 episodes) 

Ken Mayer.....   Maj. Robbie Robertson  

Lawrence Dobkin.....   Marco / Raymo (7 episodes) 

Marvin Miller.....   Mr. Proteus / Captain Quick (13 episodes) 

Bela Kovacs.....   Prince Baccarratti / Adolph Werner (32 episodes) 

Nina Bara.....   Tonga  


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