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  Space Patrol / Satellite Police

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Norman Jolley.....   Agent X
Born: February 21, 1916
Birth Place: Adel, Iowa, USA

Biography: Actor and prominent television writer, educated at the University of Wisconsin with an engineering background that he used to advantage in writing his "Space Patrol" scripts. Beginning as a film and t ... [more]

Dick Tufeld.....   Announcer


Jack Narz.....   Announcer
Born: November 13, 1922
Birth Place: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Biography: Jack Narz (born 1922) is an American television announcer and game show emcee, best known for his "hosting duties" on Now You See It and the syndicated version of Concentration; both popular game show ... [more]

Morgan Shaan.....   Axel / Guard (6 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Lyn Osborn.....   Cadet Happy
Born: January 23, 1926
Birth Place: Wichita Falls, Texas, USA


Virginia Hewitt.....   Carol Carlisle
Born: November 28, 1925
Birth Place: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA


Ed Kemmer.....   Cmdr. Buzz Corry
Born: October 29, 1921
Birth Place: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA


Glen Denning.....   Cmdr. Kit Corry
Born: January 1, 1900


Fred Howard.....   Doctor Beck / Henry (6 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Ken Mayer.....   Maj. Robbie Robertson
Born: June 25, 1918
Birth Place: California, USA


Lawrence Dobkin.....   Marco / Raymo (7 episodes)
Born: September 16, 1919
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA


Marvin Miller.....   Mr. Proteus / Captain Quick (13 episodes)
Born: July 18, 1913
Birth Place: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Biography: Beginning in radio in St. Louis, Miller used his rich, baritone voice to forge a successful career in that medium as well as in movies, on television, on stage, and as a recording artist. He is probab ... [more]

Bela Kovacs.....   Prince Baccarratti / Adolph Werner (32 episodes)
Born: August 1, 1915
Birth Place: Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Biography: Actor, director, artist, sculptor, violinist and teacher, born in the USA but raised in Czechoslovakia from age five until age twenty. He was a child actor in a number of Hungarian productions. At his ... [more]

Nina Bara.....   Tonga
Born: May 3, 1920
Birth Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Biography: Beautiful Nina Bara born in Buenos Aires, Argentina was the daughter of Italian ballet dancer Caroline Baur and an American father. Bara was an expert in dialects and worked on radio shows, then, in t ... [more]


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