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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Robert Wisden.....   Devon / Jeremiah's Father (7 episodes) 

Kandyse McClure.....   Elizabeth (2002) 

Ingrid Kavelaars.....   Erin  

Alex Zahara.....   Ezekiel (6 episodes) 

Michael Teigen.....   Frank (5 episodes) 

Enid-Raye Adams.....   Gina (5 episodes) 

Luke Perry.....   Jeremiah  

Malcolm-Jamal Warner.....   Kurdy  

Byron Lawson.....   Lee Chen  

Joanne Kelly.....   Liberty 'Libby' Kaufman (2003) 

Peter Stebbings.....   Marcus Alexander  

Sean Astin.....   Mister Smith (2003-2004) 

Daniel Pepper.....   Reconnaissance Leader (2002) 

Kimberly Hawthorne.....   Theo (9 episodes) 


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