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  Logan's Run

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Gene Tyburn.....   Comp Tech Four / Friend (2 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Randy Powell.....   Francis
Born: April 14, 1950
Birth Place: Iowa City, Iowa


Heather Menzies.....   Jessica
Born: December 3, 1949
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Wright King.....   Jonathan (2 episodes)
Born: January 11, 1923
Birth Place: Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA

Biography: Best known for his role in "Streetcar Named Desire" and for his two guest appearances on the original "Twilight Zone" series, Wright King enjoyed a noteworthy career in numerous theatrical productions ... [more]

Gregory Harrison.....   Logan
Born: May 31, 1950
Birth Place: Avalon, Catalina Island, California

Biography: Television actor, Gregory Harrison was born on May 31, 1950 in Avalon, Catalina Island, California. Best known for his starring role as Gonzo Gates on the CBS series Trapper John, M.D. Harrison's late ... [more]

Morgan Woodward.....   Morgan (2 episodes)
Born: September 16, 1925
Birth Place: Fort Worth, Texas


Donald Moffat.....   Rem
Born: December 26, 1930
Birth Place: Plymouth, Devon, England, UK



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