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  seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Richard Herd.....   Admiral Noyce (10 episodes) 

Roy Scheider.....   Capt. Nathan Bridger (1993-1995) 

Michael Ironside.....   Capt. Oliver Hudson (1995-1996) 

Royce D. Applegate.....   Chief Manilow Crocker (1993-1994) 

Don Franklin.....   Cmdr. Jonathan Ford  

Kent McCord.....   Commander Scott Keller (5 episodes) 

Peter DeLuise.....   Dagwood (1994-1996) 

Stephanie Beacham.....   Dr. Kristin Westphalen (1993-1994) 

Karen E. Fraction.....   Dr. Perry / Baker (6 episodes) 

Rosalind Allen.....   Dr. Wendy Smith (1994-1995) 

Jesse Doran.....   General Francis Gideon Thomas / General Thomas (6 episodes) 

Kathy Evison.....   Helmswoman Lonnie Henderson (1994-1996) 

John D'Aquino.....   Lt. Benjamin Krieg (1993-1994) 

Stacy Haiduk.....   Lt. Cmdr. Katherine Hitchcock (1993-1994) 

Ted Raimi.....   Lt. j.g. Timothy O'Neill  

Elise Neal.....   Lt. J.J. Fredricks (1995-1996) 

Edward Kerr.....   Lt. James Brody (1994-1996) 

Jonathan Brandis.....   Lucas Wolenczak  

Eric Miles.....   McGrath's Aid  

Marco Sanchez.....   Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz (1993-1995) 

William Morgan Sheppard.....   The Professor (6 episodes) 

Michael DeLuise.....   Tony Piccolo (1994-1996) 


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