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  Andromeda / Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Lexa Doig.....   Andromeda Ascendant ("Rommie") (2000-2005) 

Lisa Ryder.....   Beka Valentine  

Kevin Sorbo.....   Captain Dylan Hunt  

Brandy Ledford.....   Doyle (2004-2005) 

Alex Diakun.....   Höhne (5 episodes) 

Janyse Jaud.....   Pax Magellanic Avatar / Cavava (6 episodes) 

Rik Kiviaho.....   Rekeeb / High Guard Captain Perim (6 episodes) 

Brent Stait.....   Rev Bem (2000-2001) 

Gordon Michael Woolvett.....   Seamus Harper (as Gordon Woolvett)  

Steve Bacic.....   Telemachus Rhade / Gaheris Rhade / Gaheris Rhade/Telemachus Rhade (2003-2005) 

Laura Bertram.....   Trance Gemini  

Carmen Moore.....   Tri-Jema / Tr-Jema (5 episodes) 

Keith Hamilton Cobb.....   Tyr Anasazi (2000-2003) 


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