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  Designing Women

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Julia Duffy.....   Allison Sugarbaker (1991-1992)
Born: June 27, 1951
Birth Place: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Meshach Taylor.....   Anthony Bouvier
Born: April 11, 1947
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts


Judith Ivey.....   B.J. Poteet (1992-1993)


Alice Ghostley.....   Bernice Clifton (1987-1993)
Born: August 14, 1926
Birth Place: Eve, Missouri

Biography: Alice Ghostley (b. August 14, 1926 in Eve, Missouri) is an American actress best known for playing the character of Bernice Clifton on Designing Women, Esmeralda on Bewitched and Aunt Alice on Mayberr ... [more]

Douglas Barr.....   Bill Stillfield (1988-1991)


Jan Hooks.....   Carlene Frazier Dobbler (1991-1993)
Born: April 23, 1957

Biography: A member of the Los Angeles-based comedy troupe The Groundlings, Hooks first auditioned for SNL in 1985 but was turned down (mostly because, at age 28, she was thought to be too old for the show). Aft ... [more]

Jean Smart.....   Charlene Frazier Stillfield (1986-1991)


Priscilla Weems.....   Claudia Shively (1986-1990)


Sheryl Ralph.....   Etienne Toussaint Bouvier (1992-1993)
Born: December 30, 1956
Birth Place: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA


Richard Gilliland.....   J.D. Shackelford (1986-1991)


Dixie Carter.....   Julia Sugarbaker
Born: May 25, 1939
Birth Place: McLemoresville, Tennessee


Annie Potts.....   Mary Jo Shively
Born: October 28, 1952
Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee

Biography: Annie Potts (born October 28, 1952) is an American television and film actress. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in Franklin, Kentucky, where she graduated from Franklin-Simpson High S ... [more]

Brian Lando.....   Quinton Shively (1986-1991)


Delta Burke.....   Suzanne Sugarbaker (1986-1991)
Born: July 30, 1956
Birth Place: Orlando, Florida

Biography: Delta Ramona Leah Burke is probably best known for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the sitcom Designing Women. As well as her ongoing weight battle.

She represented Florida and was paired ... [more]


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