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  Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Lauren Tom.....   Amy Wong/Mrs. Inez Wong/Jrrr (voice)  

John DiMaggio.....   Bender Bending Rodriguez Unit 22/Flexo/Elzar/Sal/Mr. Panucci/Joey Mousepad/Yancy J. Fry, Sr./URL/Additional Voices (voice) (as John DiMaggio)  

Kath Soucie.....   Cubert J. Farnsworth/Michelle/Albert/Additional Voices (voice)  

Bumper Robinson.....   Dwight Conrad (2 episodes) 

Nicole St. John.....   Electronic Mother's Day Card / Orphans (2 episodes) 

Phil Hendrie.....   Free Waterfall Senior/Old Man Waterfall / Old Man Waterfall/Frida Waterfall (3 episodes) 

Phil LaMarr.....   Hermes Conrad/Rev. Lionel Preacherbot/iZac/Additonal Voices (voice)  

Lucy Liu.....   Herself (2 episodes) 

Dawnn Lewis.....   LaBarbara Conrad / Jackie Anderson (7 episodes) 

Maurice LaMarche.....   Lt. Kif Kroker/Morbo/Calculon/Walt/Lrrr/Raoul/Donbot/iHawk/Horrible Gelatinous Blob/Additional Voices (voice)  

David Herman.....   Mayor C. Randall Poopenmayer/Professor Ogden Wernstrom/Turanga Morris/Larry/Dwayne/Additional Voices (voice)  

Tress MacNeille.....   Mom/Linda the Newsanchor/Tinny Tim/Hattie/Monique/Nd-Nd/Petunia/Turanga Munda/Additional Voices (voice)  

Frank Welker.....   Nibbler/Additional Voices (voice)  

Billy West.....   Philip J. Fry/Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg/Zapp Brannigan/Leo Wong/Smitty/President Richard Nixon's Head/Additional Voices (voice)  

Katey Sagal.....   Turanga Leela (voice)  

Tom Kenny.....   Yancy Fry Jr/Adlai/Abner Doubledeal/Additional Voices (voice)  


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