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  Red Dwarf

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Chris Barrie.....   Arnold Judas Rimmer
Born: March 28, 1960
Birth Place: Hannover, Lower Saxony, West Germany

Biography: Chris Barrie (born March 28, 1960) is a British actor, best known as a vocal impressionist and for his role as Arnold Rimmer in the sitcom Red Dwarf. He does also host the TV series Chris Barrie's Mas ... [more]

Rupert Bates.....   Bodyguard / Trout á la crème (4 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Mac McDonald.....   Captain Frank Hollister (1999)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Long Island, New York, New York, USA


Craig Charles.....   David Lister
Born: July 11, 1964
Birth Place: Liverpool, England, UK

Biography: Craig Charles (born July 11, 1964) is a British actor, poet and television presenter. He was born in Liverpool, and is best known for playing Dave Lister in Red Dwarf.

Before turning to ent ... [more]

Tony Hawks.....   Dispensing Machine / Caligula (7 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900

Biography: Tony Hawks is a British comedian and author.

Hawks first attemped to break into showbusiness as a serious singer-songwriter, but it was with a novelty record that he had his first brush wit ... [more]

Norman Lovett.....   Holly (1988, 1997 -)
Born: October 31, 1946
Birth Place: Windsor, England, UK

Biography: Norman Lovett (born October 31, 1946) is a British stand-up comedian and actor, best known for the role of Holly in Red Dwarf during the 1st, 2nd and 8th series, along with the final episode of the 7t ... [more]

Hattie Hayridge.....   Holly (1989-1992)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Middlesex, England, UK

Biography: Hattie Hayridge is a British stand-up comedian and actor, best known for the role of the female version of Holly in Red Dwarf during the 3rd through the 5th series, along with the role of Hilly in the ... [more]

Jake Wood.....   Kill Crazy (4 episodes)
Born: July 12, 1972
Birth Place: London, England, UK


Clare Grogan.....   Kochanski (4 episodes)
Born: March 17, 1962
Birth Place: Scotland, UK

Biography: Clare Grogan (born March 17, 1962) is a Scottish actress. Her first film appearance was in the acclaimed film Gregory's Girl. She had a recurring role playing Dave Lister's love-interest, Kristine Koc ... [more]

Chloe Annett.....   Kristine Z. Kochanski (1997 -)
Born: July 25, 1971

Biography: Chloë Victoria Annett is an English actress, born on 25 July 1971. Her father is the director Paul Annett.

She is most remembered for her role as Kristine Z. Kochanski in the British sitcom ... [more]

Robert Llewellyn.....   Kryten 2X4B 523P (1989 -)
Born: March 10, 1956
Birth Place: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, UK

Biography: Robert Llewellyn (born 10 March 1956 in Northampton, Northamptonshire) is a British actor, presenter, and writer. He is probably best known for his role as the android Kryten in the hit BBC situation ... [more]

Mark Williams.....   Peterson (3 episodes)

Biography: Mark Williams (born 1959) is a British actor, comedian, scriptwriter and presenter. He is best known as one of the stars of the popular BBC sketch show, The Fast Show. He also plays Olaf Petersen in R ... [more]

Danny John-Jules.....   The Cat
Born: September 16, 1960
Birth Place: London, England, UK

Biography: Daniel (Danny) John-Jules (born in London on September 16, 1960) is a British dancer and actor.


He is perhaps best known for playing The Cat (and its alter ego, Duane ... [more]

Graham McTavish.....   Warden Ackerman (1999)
Born: January 1, 1900



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