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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

June Valli.....   Herself (vocalist) (1952-1953)
Born: June 30, 1928
Birth Place: The Bronx, New York, USA


Gisele MacKenzie.....   Herself (vocalist) (1953-1957)
Born: January 10, 1927
Birth Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Biography: Gisèle MacKenzie (January 10, 1927 - September 5, 2003) was a Canadian born singer, most famous for her performances on the popular television program Your Hit Parade.

She was born Gisèle M ... [more]

Virginia Gibson.....   Herself (vocalist) (1957-1958)
Born: April 9, 1928
Birth Place: St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Jill Corey.....   Herself (vocalist) (1957-1958)
Born: September 30, 1935
Birth Place: Avonmore, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Jill Corey (born Norma Jean Speranza September 30, 1935) was a traditional pop music singer.

She was born in Avonmore, Pennsylvania, about forty miles east of Pittsburgh. The community was ... [more]

Sue Bennett.....   Herself (vocalist) (1951-1952)
Born: March 24, 1928
Birth Place: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Eileen Wilson.....   Herself (vocalist) (1950-1953)
Born: January 1, 1900


Dorothy Collins.....   Herself vocalist (1950-1957, 1958-1959)
Born: November 18, 1926
Birth Place: Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Ray Charles.....   Himself
Born: September 13, 1918
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Biography: Ray Charles (born Ray Charles Robinson) (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004), was a pioneering pianist and soul singer who helped shape the sound of rhythm and blues and brought a soulful sound to eve ... [more]

John Cannon.....   Himself (announcer voice (uncredited) (1948-1958)
Born: May 17, 1906
Birth Place: Albany, New York, USA


André Baruch.....   Himself (announcer) (1950-1957)
Born: August 20, 1908
Birth Place: Paris, France


Del Sharbutt.....   Himself (announcer) (1957-1958)
Born: February 12, 1912
Birth Place: Cleburne, Texas, USA


Johnny Desmond.....   Himself (vocalist) (1958-1959)
Born: November 14, 1920
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA


Alan Copeland.....   Himself (vocalist) (1957-1958)
Born: October 6, 1926
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA


Snooky Lanson.....   Himself (vocalist) (1950-1957)
Born: March 27, 1914
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, USA


Tommy Leonetti.....   Himself (vocalist) (1957-1958)
Born: September 10, 1929
Birth Place: Bergen, New Jersey, USA


Russell Arms.....   Himself (vocalist) (1952-1957)
Born: February 3, 1926
Birth Place: Berkeley, California, USA

Biography: Russell Arms (b. February 3, 1922) is an American actor and singer born in Berkeley, California and known for his 1957 country/western hit single, "Cinco Robles" ("The Five Oaks"). "Cinco Robles" ente ... [more]


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