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  Star Trek: Enterprise

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Connor Trinneer.....   Charles "Trip" Tucker III
Born: March 19, 1969
Birth Place: Walla Walla, Washington

Biography: Connor Trinneer (born March 19, 1969 in Walla Walla, Washington) is an American television actor. He is known for playing the role of Charles 'Trip' Tucker III on Star Trek: Enterprise. ... [more]

Dominic Keating.....   Malcolm Reed
Born: July 1, 1966
Birth Place: Leicester, England

Biography: He was born in Leicester, England. His first stage performance was in primary school, playing a cripple in The Ragged School. After graduating from the University of London with a B.A. in History, he ... [more]

Scott Bakula.....   Capt. Archer
Born: October 9, 1954
Birth Place: St. Louis, Missouri

Biography: Scott Stewart Bakula (born October 9, 1954) is an American television actor most famous for his lead role in the series Quantum Leap. Bakula went on to play a minor, but notable role in the sitcom Mur ... [more]

Linda Park.....   Hoshi Sato
Born: July 9, 1978
Birth Place: South Korea

Biography: Linda Park was born in Korea and raised in San Jose, California. She participated in a number of theatrical productions in her teens at Notre Dame High School and Bellarmine College Preparatory, leadi ... [more]

John Billingsley.....   Phlox
Born: May 20, 1960
Birth Place: Media, Pennsylvania

Biography: Billingsley was born in Media, Pennsylvania and raised in Connecticut. He studied theatre at Bennington College in Vermont before moving to Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, Billingsley helped found Bo ... [more]

Jolene Blalock.....   T'Pol
Born: March 5, 1975
Birth Place: San Diego, California

Biography: Jolene Blalock (born March 5, 1975 in San Diego, California) is an American actress best known for playing Sub-Commander T'Pol, a Vulcan in Star Trek: Enterprise. Prior to Enterprise, her highest prof ... [more]

Anthony Montgomery.....   Travis Mayweather
Born: July 2, 1971
Birth Place: Indianapolis, Indiana

Biography: Montgomery is the grandson of jazz musician Wes Montgomery. He graduated from Ball State University with a degree in performance theater and drama. Montgomery did stand-up comedy briefly after graduat ... [more]


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