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  Stargate: Atlantis

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Rainbow Francks.....   Aiden Ford
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario

Biography: Rainbow Sun Francks was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor and songwriter. He is the son of actor/musician Don Francks and dancer Lili Francks, and the brother of Cree Summer. For a brie ... [more]

Paul McGillion.....   Carson Beckett (2005-)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Scotland

Biography: Paul McGillion (born in Paisley, Scotland) is a Vancouver-based actor who has worked in television, film and theatre since 1990.

His family moved to Canada from Scotland when he was only 2. ... [more]

Torri Higginson.....   Elizabeth Weir
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Burlington, Ontario

Biography: Torri Higginson is a Canadian actress. She was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and is most well-known for her roles in the TekWar movies and series, The English Patient and Stargate Atlantis. She ... [more]

Joe Flanigan.....   John Sheppard
Born: January 5, 1967
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Biography: Joe Flanigan (born January 5, 1967 in Los Angeles, California. USA) is a prolific American television actor who has long-running guest roles on numerous television series, including Profiler, First Mo ... [more]

David Hewlitt.....   Rodney McKay
Born: April 18, 1968
Birth Place: Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom

Biography: David Hewlett is both an actor and an Internet entrepreneur. Born on 18 April 1968 in Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom and raised in Canada, Hewlett became a regular on the series Traders and Kung Fu: ... [more]

Jason Momoa.....   Ronon Dex (2005-)
Born: August 1, 1979
Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Biography: Jason Momoa (born August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Jason Ioane in Baywatch. In 2005, he joined the cast of Stargate Atlantis as Ronon Dex. ... [more]

Rachel Luttrell.....   Teyla Emmagan
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Canada

Biography: Rachel Luttrell is a Canadian actress who played Veronica Beck in the CBC series Street Legal. She later appeared in guest roles on ER, Charmed, Forever Knight and other television series. She current ... [more]


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