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  Will And Grace

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Debra Messing.....   Grace Adler
Born: August 15, 1968
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York

Biography: Debra Messing was born into a Jewish family in the New York City borough of Brooklyn on August 15, 1968. When she was three she moved with her parents and her older brother, Brett, to a quiet town out ... [more]

Sean P. Hayes.....   Jack Macfarlane
Born: June 26, 1970
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Biography: Hayes studied piano, performance and conducting at Illinois State University but left before graduating. He worked as a classical pianist and served as a music director at the Pheasant Run Theater in ... [more]

Megan Mullahy.....   Karen Walker
Born: November 12, 1958
Birth Place: Oklahoma City, OK

Biography: She grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her father, Carter Mullally, Jr. was a contract player with Paramount Pictures during the 1950s and her mother was a model. She studied ballet from the age of s ... [more]

Shelley Morrison.....   Rosario
Born: October 26, 1936
Birth Place: New York City

Biography: Born Rachel Mitriani and sometimes credited early in her career as Rachel Dominguez, Morrison has been a stage and television actress since the early 1960s. She was a regular performer on the sitcom T ... [more]

Eric McCormack.....   Will Truman
Born: April 18, 1963
Birth Place: Ontario, Canada

Biography: Educated and trained as an actor in Canada at Ryerson University, McCormack has been appearing in television productions since his debut in 1986. His role as the gay lawyer in the NBC comedy series ... [more]


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