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  Without A Trace

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Enrique Merciano.....   Danny Taylor
Born: July 9, 1973
Birth Place: Miami, Florida

Biography: He attended Tulane University and Boston Law School, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue his goal of becoming an actor. He brought with him his love of exotic cars and motorcycles.

On his fi ... [more]

Eric Close.....   FBI Agent Martin Fitzgerald.
Born: May 24, 1967
Birth Place: Staten Island, NY

Biography: His father is an orthopedic surgeon, and Eric is the eldest of three brothers. His family moved to Indiana, to Michigan and finally settled in San Diego when Eric was seven years old. He graduated wit ... [more]

Anthony LaPaglia.....   Jack Malone
Born: January 31, 1959
Birth Place: Adelaide, Australia

Biography: Anthony LaPaglia has had a successful film career, appearing in such movies as Empire Records and Innocent Blood. He is currently best known for his portrayal of Jack Malone on the highly rated CBS s ... [more]

Poppy Montgomery.....   Samantha "Sam" Spade
Born: January 1, 1975
Birth Place: Sydney, Australia

Biography: Born Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue, Poppy chose her mother's maiden name, Montgomery, as her stage name. She arrived in Hollywood at age 18 carrying a copy of How to Make It In Hollywood ... [more]

Marianne Jean-Baptiste.....   Vivian Johnson
Born: April 26, 1967
Birth Place: London, England

Biography: She became a star overnight following the international success of the social drama Secrets & Lies in 1996, becoming the very first black British actress nominated for an Oscar. She received an Golden ... [more]


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