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  The Powerpuff Girls

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Jeff Bennett.....   Ace/Harold Smith/Big Billy/Grubber/Additional Voices (voice)  

Rob Paulsen.....   Additional Voices (voice)  

Chuck McCann.....   Ameoba Boys/Additional Voices (voice)  

Cathy Cavadini.....   Blossom/Additional Voices (voice)  

Kath Soucie.....   Bubbles (Pilot Episodes)/Additional Voices (voice)  

Tara Strong.....   Bubbles/Additional Voices (voice)  

Christine Cavanaugh.....   Bunny/Bud Smith/Additional Voices (voice)  

Elizabeth Daily.....   Buttercup/Additional Voices (voice) (as E.G. Daily)  

Mark Hamill.....   Evil Cat/Additional Voices (voice)  

Grey DeLisle.....   Femme Fatale/Additional Voices (voice)  

Jim Cummings.....   Fuzzy Lumpkins/Additional Voices (voice)  

Jennifer Martin.....   Miss Sara Bellum/Additional Voices (voice)  

Roger L. Jackson.....   Mojo Jojo/Additional Voices (voice)  

Tom Kenny.....   Narrator/Mayor/Mitch Mitchelson/Snake/Li'l Arturo/Additional Voices (voice)  

Micky Dolenz.....   Officer Brickowsky / Lefty (2 episodes) 

Jennifer Hale.....   Princess Morbucks/Ms. Keane/Big Mary/Sedusa/Additional Voices (voice)  

Tom Kane.....   Professor Utonium/Him/Talking Dog/Additional Voices (voice)  

James Taylor.....   Various characters (voice) (2003 -) 


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