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  NYPD Blue

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Garcelle Beauvais.....   ADA Valerie Heywood (as Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) (2001-2004)
Born: November 26, 1966
Birth Place: St. Marc, Haiti


Andrea Thompson.....   Det. Jill Kirkendall (1996-2000)
Born: January 6, 1960
Birth Place: Dayton, Ohio, USA

Biography: Rebecca Andrea Thompson (born 6 January 1960) is a American actress, best known for her roles on the television series Falcon Crest, Babylon 5, NYPD Blue.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Thompson spe ... [more]

Michael B. Silver.....   ADA Leo Cohen (30 episodes)
Born: July 8, 1967
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Born and raised in Manhattan, a graduate of Brown University, Michael comes from a long line of filmakers. Michael's grandfather, Oscar winner Sidney Buchman, ran Columbia under Harry Cohen throughout ... [more]

Sharon Lawrence.....   ADA Sylvia Costas (1993-1999)
Born: June 29, 1961
Birth Place: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


Justine Miceli.....   Det. Adrianne Lesniak (1994-1996)
Born: April 30, 1959
Birth Place: Sunnyside, Queens, New York, USA


Dennis Franz.....   Det. Andy Sipowicz
Born: October 28, 1944
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Biography: Dennis Franz (born October 28, 1944) is an actor best known for his roles as a gritty police detective in the television series NYPD Blue and Hill Street Blues. He has also guest-starred in shows such ... [more]

Henry Simmons.....   Det. Baldwin Jones (2000-2005)
Born: July 1, 1970
Birth Place: Stamford, Connecticut, USA


Henry Simmons.....   Det. Baldwin Jones (2000-2005)
Born: July 1, 1970
Birth Place: Stamford, Connecticut, USA


Jimmy Smits.....   Det. Bobby Simone (1994-1998)
Born: July 9, 1955
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: Jimmy Smits (born July 9, 1955) is a Surinamese and Puerto Rican-American actor, perhaps best known for his long-running roles on the TV series L.A. Law and NYPD Blue. He earned an M.F.A. from Cornell ... [more]

Charlotte Ross.....   Det. Connie McDowell (2001-2004)
Born: January 21, 1968
Birth Place: Winnetka, Illinois, USA

Biography: Charlotte Ross (born January 21, 1968) is an American actress. She starred in NYPD Blue as Detective Connie McDowell from 2001 to 2004. She also appeared on Days of Our Lives as Eve Donovan from 1987 ... [more]

Rick Schroder.....   Det. Danny Sorenson (1998-2001)
Born: April 13, 1970
Birth Place: Staten Island, New York, USA

Biography: Rick Schroder (born Richard Schroder on April 13, 1970 on Staten Island, New York) (also known as Ricky Schroder) is an American actor who began his career as a child actor.

Schroder debute ... [more]

Kim Delaney.....   Det. Diane Russell (1995-2001)
Born: November 29, 1961
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Kim Delaney (born November 29, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American actress. She first became well-known for her stint as the innocent teenager Jenny Gardner Nelson on the soap opera All ... [more]

Gordon Clapp.....   Det. Greg Medavoy (1994-2005)
Born: September 24, 1948
Birth Place: North Conway, New Hampshire, USA

Biography: Gordon Clapp (born September 24, 1948) is an American actor, best known for playing the role of Detective Greg Medavoy for 12 seasons on the television series NYPD Blue, winning an Emmy Award in 1998. ... [more]

Nicholas Turturro.....   Det. James Martinez (1993-2000)
Born: January 29, 1962
Birth Place: Queens, New York, USA


Mark-Paul Gosselaar.....   Det. John Clark, Jr. (2001-2005)
Born: March 1, 1974
Birth Place: Panorama City, California, USA

Biography: Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar (born March 1, 1974, Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, USA) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in Saved by the Bell and NYPD Blue. His parents (a Dutc ... [more]

David Caruso.....   Det. John Kelly (1993-1994)
Born: January 7, 1956
Birth Place: Forest Hills, New York, USA

Biography: David Caruso (born January 7, 1956) is an American actor.

Caruso was born in Forest Hills, New York. The child of an Italian-American father and an Irish-American mother, he attended Archbi ... [more]

Bonnie Somerville.....   Det. Laura Murphy (2004-2005)
Born: February 24, 1974
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA


Jacqueline Obradors.....   Det. Rita Ortiz (2001-2005)
Born: October 6, 1966
Birth Place: San Fernando Valley, California, USA

Biography: Jacqueline Obradors (b. October 6, 1966 in San Fernando Valley, California) is an American actress. She is best known for playing supporting roles in Six Days Seven Nights and A Man Apart. She current ... [more]

Gail O'Grady.....   Donna Abandando (1994-1996)
Born: January 23, 1963
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA


Scott Campbell.....   IAB Sgt. Jerry Martens (31 episodes)
Born: August 6, 1959
Birth Place: Florida, USA


Bill Brochtrup.....   John Irvin (1995-1996, 1998-2005)
Born: March 7, 1963

Biography: Bill Brochtrup (born March 7, 1963) is an actor who played John Irvin on NYPD Blue. ... [more]

Ray Latulipe.....   Josh Astrachan (58 episodes)
Born: January 1, 1900


Sherry Stringfield.....   Laura Michaels Kelly (1993-1994)
Born: June 24, 1967
Birth Place: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Biography: Sherry Stringfield (born June 24, 1967) is a television actress best known for her role of Susan Lewis on the show ER.

She graduated from Purchase College in 1989 with a Bachelor of Fine Ar ... [more]

James McDaniel.....   Lt. Arthur Fancy (1993-2001)
Born: March 25, 1958
Birth Place: Washington, District of Columbia, USA


Currie Graham.....   Lt. Thomas Bale (2004-2005)
Born: February 26, 1967
Birth Place: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Esai Morales.....   Lt. Tony Rodriguez (2001-2004)
Born: October 1, 1962
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: Esai Morales is an actor who has most recently starred as "Lt. Tony Rodriguez" on the ABC television police drama "NYPD Blue", and appearing in the PBS drama "American Family" and the HBO show "Resurr ... [more]

Henry Murph.....   N.D. 'Hank' Harold (1996 -)
Born: January 1, 1900


Amy Brenneman.....   Officer Janice Licalsi (1993-1994)
Born: June 22, 1964
Birth Place: New London, Connecticut, USA

Biography: Actress Amy Brenneman (born June 22, 1964), formerly starred on NYPD Blue and on Judging Amy. She was born on June 22 in New London, Connecticut and was raised in Glastonbury. She graduated from Harva ... [more]

Michael Sabatino.....   Officer Martelli (34 episodes)
Born: June 25, 1955
Birth Place: Venice, California, USA

Biography: Michael Sabatino (born June 25, 1955 in Venice, California, USA) is an actor, best known for appearing in daytime soap operas such as Days of Our Lives as Lawrence Alamain (1990-1993), The Bold and th ... [more]

James McBride.....   Officer Mike Shannon (1995 -)
Born: January 1, 1900


Billy Concha.....   Officer Miller (37 episodes)


John O'Donohue.....   Sgt. Eddie Gibson (2003-2004)
Born: January 1, 1900

Biography: John O'Donohue is a 20-year veteran of the NYPD. ... [more]

Austin Majors.....   Theo Sipowicz (1999 -)
Born: November 23, 1995
Birth Place: California, USA



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