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  Kenan & Kel

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Kenan Thompson.....   Kenan Rockmore/Kenan Rockenstein Bergernson/Dr. Pepper  

Rondell Sheridan.....   1st Police Officer (1998) 

Dan Frischman.....   Chris Potter  

Chad Bonsack.....   Disc Jockey (1996) 

Ellen Dow.....   Ethel Quagmire (as Ellen Dow) (1996-1997) 

Catherine Mangan.....   Janet (1997)  

Kel Mitchell.....   Kel Kimble/Kelly Kimble  

Vanessa Baden.....   Kyra Rockmore  

Biagio Messina.....   Marc Cram (1998-1999) 

Karan Ashley.....   Melissa (1999)  

Mark McKinney.....   Professor Xavier Ambrose (2004) 

Ken Foree.....   Roger Rockmore  

Alexis Fields.....   Sharla Morrison (1998-1999) 

Teal Marchande.....   Sheryl Rockmore  

Eugene Buica.....   Violinist (1997-1999) 


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