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  Kenan & Kel

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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Kenan Thompson.....   Kenan Rockmore/Kenan Rockenstein Bergernson/Dr. Pepper
Born: May 10, 1978
Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Biography: Kenan Thompson (born May 10, 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American actor who starred on Nickelodeon's All That from 1995 to 2000. He and co-star Kel Mitchell had their own spin-off Kenan & Kel whic ... [more]

Rondell Sheridan.....   1st Police Officer (1998)
Born: January 1, 1900


Dan Frischman.....   Chris Potter
Born: April 23, 1959
Birth Place: Whippany, New Jersey


Chad Bonsack.....   Disc Jockey (1996)
Born: July 16, 1971
Birth Place: Walnut Creek, California, USA


Ellen Dow.....   Ethel Quagmire (as Ellen Dow) (1996-1997)
Born: November 16, 1918
Birth Place: Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, USA


Catherine Mangan.....   Janet (1997)
Born: January 1, 1900


Kel Mitchell.....   Kel Kimble/Kelly Kimble
Born: July 25, 1978
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Biography: Actor Kel Mitchell (born 25 August 1978 in Chicago, Illinois) was an original cast member on Nickelodeon's All That from 1995 to 1999. He and co-star Kenan Thompson had their own spin-off Kenan & Kel ... [more]

Vanessa Baden.....   Kyra Rockmore
Born: September 8, 1985
Birth Place: Vanessa Baden


Biagio Messina.....   Marc Cram (1998-1999)
Born: January 1, 1900


Karan Ashley.....   Melissa (1999)
Born: September 28, 1975
Birth Place: Odessa, Texas, USA

Biography: Karan Ashley is an American actress who has acted for many years. She graduated from David W. Carter High School in Dallas ,Tx. Her first acting job was in the series Kenan and Kel, which she left to ... [more]

Mark McKinney.....   Professor Xavier Ambrose (2004)
Born: June 25, 1959
Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Biography: Mark Douglas Brown McKinney is a Canadian comedian and actor. He is best known for his work as a member of the sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall from 1989 to 1994, and as a cast member on Satu ... [more]

Ken Foree.....   Roger Rockmore
Born: October 9, 1941
Birth Place: Mobile, Alabama, USA

Biography: Actor Ken Foree (born Kentotis Alvin Foree) was born October 9, 1941 in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States. He is remembered by many fans for having starred in George A. Romero's horror film, Dawn ... [more]

Alexis Fields.....   Sharla Morrison (1998-1999)
Birth Place: California, USA


Teal Marchande.....   Sheryl Rockmore
Born: January 1, 1900


Eugene Buica.....   Violinist (1997-1999)
Born: January 1, 1900



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