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  Iron Chef

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Yukio Hattori.....   Announcer  

Kenji Fukui.....   Announcer  

Takeshi Kaga.....   Chairman Kaga  

Chen Kenichi.....   Iron Chef Chinese  

Hiroyuki Sakai.....   Iron Chef French  

Yutake Ishinabe.....   Iron Chef French (Retired)  

Masahiko Kobe.....   Iron Chef Italian  

Masaharu Morimoto.....   Iron Chef Japanese  

Rokusabaro Michiba.....   Iron Chef Japanese (Retired)  

Koumei Nakamura.....   Iron Chef Japanese (Retired)  

Miwako Fujitani.....   Judge (1995-1996) 

Keiko Saito.....   Judge ((1996 -) 

Hiromi Nagasaku.....   Judge (1996-1999) 

Juan Fava.....   Judge (1996-1997) 

Mayuko Takada.....   Judge (1994-1995) 

Shinichirô Ôta.....   Kitchen Reporter  


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