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  G.I. Joe

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Pat Fraley.....   Ace, Airtight, Barbecue, Wild Weasel, Ted Harris (voice)  

Christian Czingland.....   Additional voices (voice) (1985) 

Darleen Carr.....   Additional voices (voice) (1985) 

Peter Cullen.....   Airborne, Nemesis Enforcer, Zandar (voice) (1986) 

Jackson Beck.....   Announcer (voice)  

William Callaway.....   Beach Head (voice) (1986) 

Michael Bell.....   Blowtorch, Clutch, Duke, Lift Ticket, Maj. Bludd, Scrap-Iron, Tollbooth, Xamot, Carmandy, Robert Harper, Security Guard #1, Dr. Massey, Jabal, Dr./Prof. Mullaney, Thoth (voice)  

Frank Welker.....   Copperhead, Flash, Freedom, Junkyard, Polly, Short-Fuse, Timber, Torch, Wild Bill, Wong (voice)  

Rene Auberjonois.....   Cover Girl (voice)  

Gregg Berger.....   Cutter, Firefly, Ripcord, Sparks, Spirit, Col. Brekhov (voice)  

Arthur Burghardt.....   Destro, Iceberg, Stalker (voice)  

Hank Garret.....   Dial Tone, Mike Randall (voice) (1986) 

Brian Cummings.....   Dr. Mindbender (voice) (1986) 

Will Ryan.....   Footloose, Rock 'n Roll (voice)  

Ed Gilbert.....   Gen. Hawk (voice) (1986) 

Chuck McCann.....   Leatherneck (voice) (1986) 

Charles Adler.....   Low-Light (voice) (1986) 

François Chau.....   Quick Kick (voice) (1985) 

Richard Gautier.....   Serpentor, B.A. LaCarre, Buck McCann (voice) (1986) 

Rob Paulsen.....   Snow Job, Tripwire, WWI American Pilot (voice)  

Earl Boen.....   Taurus (voice)  

Corey Burton.....   Tomax, George Lanceburg, Shawn O'Hara, Own Van Mark (voice)  

Jack Angel.....   Wet Suit, Pierre LaFonte (voice) (1986) 


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