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  G.I. Joe

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Pat Fraley.....   Ace, Airtight, Barbecue, Wild Weasel, Ted Harris (voice)
Born: February 18, 1949


Christian Czingland.....   Additional voices (voice) (1985)
Born: January 1, 1900


Darleen Carr.....   Additional voices (voice) (1985)
Born: December 12, 1950
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Peter Cullen.....   Airborne, Nemesis Enforcer, Zandar (voice) (1986)

Biography: Peter Cullen is a voice actor who has provided the voices for Optimus Prime in Transformers, Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, K.A.R.R. in Knight Rider, and other characters in Gremlins, Ghostbusters, The Sm ... [more]

Jackson Beck.....   Announcer (voice)
Born: July 23, 1912
Birth Place: New York, New York


William Callaway.....   Beach Head (voice) (1986)
Born: January 1, 1900


Michael Bell.....   Blowtorch, Clutch, Duke, Lift Ticket, Maj. Bludd, Scrap-Iron, Tollbooth, Xamot, Carmandy, Robert Harper, Security Guard #1, Dr. Massey, Jabal, Dr./Prof. Mullaney, Thoth (voice)
Born: April 10, 1938
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York


Frank Welker.....   Copperhead, Flash, Freedom, Junkyard, Polly, Short-Fuse, Timber, Torch, Wild Bill, Wong (voice)
Born: February 16, 1945
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, USA

Biography: Frank Welker (born February 16, 1945 in Denver, Colorado), is an American voice actor. He is responsible for a broad spectrum of character voices, noises, and other vocal effects that have appeared ov ... [more]

Rene Auberjonois.....   Cover Girl (voice)
Born: June 1, 1940
Birth Place: New York, New York


Gregg Berger.....   Cutter, Firefly, Ripcord, Sparks, Spirit, Col. Brekhov (voice)
Born: January 1, 1900

Biography: Gregg Berger is a voice actor who is known for his roles in both TV and video games. ... [more]

Arthur Burghardt.....   Destro, Iceberg, Stalker (voice)


Hank Garret.....   Dial Tone, Mike Randall (voice) (1986)
Born: January 1, 1900


Brian Cummings.....   Dr. Mindbender (voice) (1986)
Born: January 1, 1900


Will Ryan.....   Footloose, Rock 'n Roll (voice)
Born: January 1, 1900
Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Biography: Will Ryan is a voice actor orginally from Cleveland, Ohio.

He began his career in music as Willio in the comedy/music duo Willo and Phillio. After relocating to California, he began to writ ... [more]

Ed Gilbert.....   Gen. Hawk (voice) (1986)
Born: June 29, 1931


Chuck McCann.....   Leatherneck (voice) (1986)
Born: September 2, 1934
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: A third generation performer, Chuck McCann was already a show business veteran by age 11. By age 19, he had performed in nightclubs, made guest TV appearances, and was a semi-regular on The Steve Alle ... [more]

Charles Adler.....   Low-Light (voice) (1986)
Born: February 20, 1957
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: Charles Adler (born February 20, 1957) is an American voice actor. He has voice acted in such television series as TaleSpin, Tiny Toon Adventures, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Sonic the Hedgehog, ... [more]

François Chau.....   Quick Kick (voice) (1985)
Born: October 26, 1959
Birth Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Richard Gautier.....   Serpentor, B.A. LaCarre, Buck McCann (voice) (1986)
Born: October 30, 1931
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography: Richard "Dick" Gautier (born October 30, 1931 in Los Angeles, California, USA) is an actor, comedian, composer, singer and author, best known for his portrayal of Hymie the Robot in the television ser ... [more]

Rob Paulsen.....   Snow Job, Tripwire, WWI American Pilot (voice)
Born: March 11, 1956
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Biography: Rob Paulsen (born March 11, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American voice actor best known for his extensive roles as the voices of animated characters.

He began his voice over career on ... [more]

Earl Boen.....   Taurus (voice)
Born: November 7, 1945
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

Biography: Earl Boen (born November 7, 1945 in New York City) is an American actor.

Perhaps his most widely-seen performance was as psychologist Dr. Peter Silberman in The Terminator. Boen reprised th ... [more]

Corey Burton.....   Tomax, George Lanceburg, Shawn O'Hara, Own Van Mark (voice)
Born: August 3, 1955
Birth Place: West Los Angeles, California, USA

Biography: Corey Burton, born on August 3, 1955, is famous for voicing Ludwig Von Drake on Quack Pack, Dale and Zipper on Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Mole in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Captain Hook in Retur ... [more]

Jack Angel.....   Wet Suit, Pierre LaFonte (voice) (1986)
Born: October 24, 1930
Birth Place: Modesto, California, USA



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