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  Dragonball Z

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Tom Kenny.....   Additional Voices (voice) (1996) 

Duncan Brannan.....   Babidi (voice)  

Christopher Bevins.....   Bee/Additional Voices (voice) (2002- present) 

Mark Britten.....   Burter (II)/Ox King (II)/Korin (voice)  

Kelly Dale.....   Captain Ginyu (II)/Narrator (II) (voice) (1999 - present) 

Dameon Clarke.....   Cell/Adult Gohan/Killa/South Kai/Bora (1999-2001) (voice)  

Monika Antonelli.....   Chaiotzu (II)(1999- )/Puar (II) (1999-2001) (voice)  

Cynthia Cranz.....   Chi-Chi (II) (voice)  

Lisa Beley.....   Chi-Chi (Vancouver Dub) (voice)  

Justin Cook.....   Dende (adult)/Super Buu/Raditz (Ultimate Uncut Speical Edition) (voice)  

Ryan Brockington.....   Dr. Wang  

Philippe Ariotti.....   Freezer (French version)  

Ian Corlett.....   Goku (I)/Master Roshi (I) (voice) (1996-1997) 

Mike Coleman.....   Idasa & Mokki  

Andrew Chandler.....   Kaveto (season 5) (voice)  

Laura Bailey.....   Kid Trunks (voice)  

Don Brown.....   King Kai (voice)  

Jessie Cody.....   Korin  

Jon Allen.....   Pink Hat Guy (voice)  

John Burgmeier.....   Tienshinhan (II)(1999- )/Additional Voices (2001) (voice)  

Alistair Abell.....   Trunks/Baby Trunks/Sharpner/Additional Voices  

Ted Cole.....   Yamcha (voice) (1996-1998) 


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