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  The Bob Newhart Show

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Marcia Wallace.....   Carol Kester Bondurant  

Larry Gelman.....   Dr. Bernie Tupperman (1972-1976) 

Peter Bonerz.....   Dr. Jerry Robinson  

Bob Newhart.....   Dr. Robert (Bob) Hartley  

Pat Finley.....   Ellen Hartley (1974-1976) 

Jack Riley.....   Elliot Carlin  

Suzanne Pleshette.....   Emily Hartley  

Bill Daily.....   Howard Borden  

Moosie Drier.....   Howie Borden Jr.  

Will Mackenzie.....   Larry Bondeurant (1975-1977) 

Patricia Smith.....   Margaret Hoover (1972-1973) 

Renée Lippin.....   Michelle Nardo (1973-1976) 

Penny Marshall.....   Miss Larson (1972-1973) 

Oliver Clark.....   Mr. Ed Herd (1976-1977) 

Lucien Scott.....   Mr. Edgar Vickers (1974-1975) 

John Fiedler.....   Mr. Emil Peterson  

Noam Pitlik.....   Mr. Victor Gianelli (1972-1973) 

Florida Friebus.....   Mrs. Lillian Bakerman  


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