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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Ted King.....   Andy (1998-1999)
Born: October 1, 1965


Drew Fuller.....   Chris Halliwell (2003-2004)
Born: May 19, 1980
Birth Place: Atherton, California

Biography: Drew Fuller (born May 19, 1980 in Atherton, California) plays Chris Perry in season 6 of Charmed. In the series, Chris is the second son of Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo (Brian Krause) and engages ... [more]

Julian McMahon.....   Cole Turner (2000-2003)
Born: July 27, 1968
Birth Place: Australia

Biography: Julian Dana William McMahon (born July 27, 1968) is one of the three children to Australia's former Prime Minister Sir William McMahon who was in power from 1971 to 1972.

McMahon was born i ... [more]

Greg Vaughan.....   Dan (1999-2000)
Born: June 13, 1973
Birth Place: Dallas, Texas

Biography: Greg Vaughan (born June 15, 1973, in Dallas, Texas, USA) has starred in soaps such as The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.

Greg was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Shortly aft ... [more]

Dorian Gregory.....   Darryl Morris


Brian Krause.....   Leo Wyatt
Born: February 1, 1969
Birth Place: El Toro, California

Biography: Brian Thomas Krause (born February 1, 1969 in El Toro, California) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Leo Wyatt on the WB Network TV series Charmed since 1998, and his film debut a ... [more]

Rose McGowan.....   Paige Halliwell (2001-2006)
Born: September 5, 1973
Birth Place: Florence, Italy

Biography: Born to an American mother and an Irish father who were members of the Children of God, and the second oldest of six children, Rose's parents divorced and she moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, when she ... [more]

Alyssa Milano.....   Phoebe Halliwell
Born: December 19, 1972
Birth Place: New York City

Biography: Alyssa Jayne Milano (born December 19, 1972 in New York City) is an American actress. She currently appears in The WB program Charmed. Milano was born to Tom and Lin Milano and has a younger brother, ... [more]

Holly Marie Combs.....   Piper Halliwell
Born: December 3, 1973
Birth Place: San Diego, California

Biography: Holly Marie Combs (born December 3, 1973) is an American actress who has worked in movies and television series, including her current role in Charmed. Since 2002, she has been a producer for Charmed. ... [more]

Shannen Doherty.....   Prue Halliwell (1998-2001)
Born: April 12, 1971
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee



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