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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Glenn Scarpelli.....   Alex Handris (1980-1983) 

Bonnie Franklin.....   Ann Romano  

Valerie Bertinelli.....   Barbara Cooper Royer  

Richard Masur.....   David Kane (1975-1976) 

Shelley Fabares.....   Francine Webster (1981-1984) 

Mary Louise Wilson.....   Ginny Wrobliki (1976-1977) 

Nanette Fabray.....   Grandma Romano (1979-1984) 

Mackenzie Phillips.....   Julie Cooper Horvath (1975-1980, 1981-1983) 

Boyd Gaines.....   Mark Royer (1981-1984) 

Michael Lembeck.....   Max Horvath (1979-1984) 

Charles Siebert.....   Mr. Jerry Davenport (1976-1979) 

Ron Rifkin.....   Nick Handris (1980-1981) 

Howard Hesseman.....   Sam Royer (1982-1984) 

Pat Harrington Jr......   Schneider  


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