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  Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Ron Canada.....   Adult Marcus Ride (7 episodes) 

Logan Lerman.....   Bobby McCallister  

Jessica Paré.....   Courtney Benedict  

Christine Lahti.....   Grace McCallister  

Matt Long (II).....   Jack McCallister  

Edwin Hodge.....   Marcus Ride  

Dakin Matthews.....   Merle Horstradt (7 episodes) 

Keri Lynn Pratt.....   Missy Belknap (18 episodes) 

John Slattery.....   Peter Benedict  

Joanna Gallagher.....   Student (uncredited)  

Bradley Cooper.....   Tom Wexler Graham (14 episodes) 

Dean Collins (III).....   Warren Feide (11 episodes) 


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