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  Soul Food

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Aaron Meeks.....   Ahmad Chadway
Born: April 26, 1986
Birth Place: Harper City, California, USA


Boris Kodjoe.....   Damon Carter (2001-2003)
Born: March 8, 1973
Birth Place: Vienna, Austria

Biography: Boris Kodjoe, (born March 8, 1973 in Vienna, Austria) is a multilingual model and actor. Fluent in German, French, English and Spanish, the bi-racial Kodjoe (of African and European descent), aspired ... [more]

Taylor Love.....   Kelly Chadway (33 episodes)
Born: December 19, 1994
Birth Place: Ontario, Canada


Rockmund Dunbar.....   Kenny Chadway


Darrin Dewitt Henson.....   Lem Van Adams
Born: May 5, 1972
Birth Place: Bronx, New York, USA


Vanessa A. Williams.....   Maxine Chadway
Born: May 12, 1963
Birth Place: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biography: Vanessa A. Williams (born May 12, 1963) is an African-American actress who has appeared in several TV series such Melrose Place and the Showtime cable TV show Soul Food. She is often confused with Van ... [more]

Nicole Ari Parker.....   Teri Joseph
Born: October 7, 1970
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Biography: Nicole Ari Parker (born 7 October 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland) is a bi-racial American actress, of African-American and Cherokee Indian descent, . A brief model, Parker is best known for playing the t ... [more]

Malinda Williams.....   Tracy 'Bird' Van Adams
Born: December 3, 1975
Birth Place: Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA



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