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  SpongeBob SquarePants / Spongeboy Squarepants

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Camryn Walling.....   Additional Voice (voice)  

Frank Welker.....   Giant Clams  

Clancy Brown.....   Mr. Eugene H. Krabs (voice)  

Mary Jo Catlett.....   Mrs. Poppy Puff (voice)  

Sirena Irwin.....   Mrs. SquarePants (voice)  

Bill Fagerbakke.....   Patrick Star (voice)  

Lori Alan.....   Pearl Krabs (voice)  

Carolyn Lawrence.....   Sandy Cheeks (voice)  

Carlos Alazraqui.....   Scooter/Teen-age Fish/Dr.Fish/Announcer  

Douglas "Mr." Lawrence.....   Sheldon J. Plankton/Larry the Lobster/Fred/Tom (voice)  

Tom Kenny.....   SpongeBob SqaurePants/Gary/Father SqaurePants/Narrator/Patchy the Pirate/Annoucer/Tom (some eps.)/Grandpa SquarePants/Many Others/Old Man Jenkins (voice)  

Rodger Bumpass.....   Squidward Tentacles (voice)  

Dee Bradley Baker.....   Squilliam Fancyson/Customers/Vendors/others  

Brian Doyle-Murray.....   The Flying Dutchman (voice)  


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