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  Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers

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Johnny Yong Bosch.....   Adam Park/The Black Ranger (1994-1996)
Born: January 6, 1976
Birth Place: Kansas, Missouri, USA

Biography: Johnny Yong Bosch (January 6, 1976 ) is a U. S. television actor. He is best known for portraying Adam Park, in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series including Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers T ... [more]

Karan Ashley.....   Aisha Campbell/The Yellow Ranger (1994-1996)
Born: September 28, 1975
Birth Place: Odessa, Texas, USA

Biography: Karan Ashley is an American actress who has acted for many years. She graduated from David W. Carter High School in Dallas ,Tx. Her first acting job was in the series Kenan and Kel, which she left to ... [more]

David Yost.....   Billy Cranston/The Blue Ranger
Born: January 7, 1971
Birth Place: Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA

Biography: David Harold Yost is an American actor best known for his role on the United States of America television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Yost was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Janua ... [more]

Jason Narvy.....   Eugene 'Skull' Skullovitch
Born: January 1, 1900


Paul Schrier.....   Farkus 'Bulk' Bulkmeier
Born: June 1, 1970
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Austin St. John.....   Jason Lee Scott/The Red Ranger (1993-1994)
Born: September 17, 1975
Birth Place: Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Biography: Austin St John is an American actor best known for his role in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as Jason Lee Scott. St. John left the show after one season, and was replaced by Steve Cardenas(Thuy Trang ... [more]

Catherine Sutherland.....   Katherine Hillard/The Pink Ranger (1995-1996)
Born: October 24, 1974
Birth Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Biography: Catherine Sutherland (b. October 24, 1974) is an actress best known for being Katherine Hillard, the Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1994-1996.

Born in Sydney, New South Wa ... [more]

Amy Jo Johnson.....   Kimberly Hart/The Pink Ranger
Born: October 6, 1970
Birth Place: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Biography: Amy Jo Johnson (born October 6, 1970) is an actress and entertainer. She was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA and her most notable roles have been those of Kimberly Ann Hart on the television seri ... [more]

Steve Cardenas.....   Rocky DeSantos/The Red Ranger (1994-1996)
Born: May 29, 1974
Birth Place: Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, USA


Jason David Frank.....   Tommy Oliver / The Green Ranger / The White Ranger (1993-1994 / 1994-1996)
Born: September 4, 1973
Birth Place: Covina, California, USA

Biography: Jason David Frank (September 4, 1973) is an American actor and Martial Artist most noted and famous for playing Thomas Oliver, the Green and White Power Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo Ran ... [more]

Thuy Trang.....   Trini Kwan/The Yellow Ranger (1993-1994)
Born: December 14, 1973
Birth Place: Hanoi, Vietnam

Biography: Thuy Trang (December 14, 1973 - September 3, 2001), was a Vietnamese-American actress, and was born in Saigon, South Vietnam.


Her father was a soldier in the Army of th ... [more]

Walter Emmanuel Jones.....   Zack Taylor/The Black Ranger (1993-1994)
Born: November 30, 1970

Biography: Walter Emmanuel Jones is an actor who is best known for playing one of the African-American Power Rangers on the hit television series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Jones played the charac ... [more]

David Fielding (II).....   Zordon (1993-1994)
Born: January 1, 1900



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