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  The Closer (2005)

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Jon Tenney.....   Agent Fritz Howard  

J.K. Simmons.....   Asst. Police Chief Will Pope  

Robert Gossett.....   Captain Taylor  

Kyra Sedgwick.....   Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson  

Anthony John Denison.....   Det. Andy Flynn (as Tony Denison)  

G.W. Bailey.....   Det. Lt. Provenza  

Gina Ravera.....   Detective Daniels (9 episodes) 

Raymond Cruz.....   Detective Julio Sanchez (12 episodes) 

Michael Paul Chan.....   Detective Mike Tao (13 episodes) 

Amy Hill.....   Franny (2 episodes) 

James Avery.....   Medical Examiner (4 episodes) 

Corey Reynolds.....   Sgt. David Gabriel  


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