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  Six Feet Under

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Jeremy Sisto.....   Billy Chenowith
Born: October 6, 1974
Birth Place: Grass Valley, California

Biography: Jeremy Merton Sisto (born October 6, 1974 in Grass Valley, California, USA) is an American actor who has had many prominent roles in movies and television, though he is probably best known for his per ... [more]

Rachel Griffiths.....   Brenda Chenowith
Born: June 4, 1968
Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Biography: Rachel Griffiths (born June 4, 1968 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is a film and television actress. Although her name is Welsh, she is actually of Irish Catholic extraction, and has an uncle on h ... [more]

Lauren Ambrose.....   Claire Fisher
Born: February 20, 1978
Birth Place: New Haven, Connecticut

Biography: Lauren Ambrose (née Lauren Anne D'Ambruoso, 20 February 1978) is an American film and television actress. She portrayed the character Claire Fisher on the popular HBO drama Six Feet Under.

... [more]

Michael C. Hall.....   David Fisher
Born: February 1, 1971

Biography: He was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, graduated Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, in 1993, and went to New York City to enter graduate studies at New York University's Master of Fine Arts progra ... [more]

Freddy Rodriguez.....   Federico Diaz
Born: January 17, 1975
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Biography: Freddy Rodriguez (born January 17, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois) is an actor most famous for playing Federico "Rico" Diaz on HBO's Six Feet Under. He is a graduate of Lincoln Park High School in Chicago. ... [more]

James Cromwell.....   George Sibley (2003-2005)
Born: January 27, 1940
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California

Biography: James Cromwell (born January 27, 1940) is an American television and film actor. He is sometimes credited as Jamie Cromwell. He was born John Oliver Cromwell in Los Angeles, California, but raised ... [more]

Mathew St. Patrick.....   Keith Charles
Born: March 17, 1969
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Biography: Mathew St. Patrick, is an an American actor. He was born 17 March 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Recently he has starred in the television soap opera All My Children (1998 - 2000) and current ... [more]

Peter Krause.....   Nate Fisher
Born: August 12, 1965
Birth Place: , Minnesota

Biography: Peter Krause (born 12 August 1965) is an American film and television actor. He currently portrays the character Nate Fisher on the popular HBO drama Six Feet Under.

Krause was born in Alex ... [more]

Richard Jenkins.....   Nathaniel Fisher Sr.
Born: December 2, 1953
Birth Place: DeKalb, Illinois

Biography: Richard Jenkins (born 2 December 1953 in DeKalb, Illinois, USA) is an American actor.

Jenkins has a degree in drama from Illinois Wesleyan University, before relocating to Rhode Island. He ... [more]

Frances Conroy.....   Ruth Fisher
Born: November 13, 1953
Birth Place: Monroe, Georgia

Biography: Frances Conroy (born November 13, 1953 in Monroe, Georgia, USA) is an American actress.

Frances Conroy played Ruth Fisher in the 2001-05 HBO TV series Six Feet Under. She started her acting ... [more]

Justina Machado.....   Vanessa Diaz
Born: January 1, 1900

Biography: Justina Machado (born September 6, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois), is an actress of Puerto Rican descent who is best known for her role of "Vanessa Diaz" in the television series "Six Feet Under".


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