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  Numbers / Numb3rs

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Cast & Guest Stars
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> Cast (in alphabetical order)

Judd Hirsch.....   Alan Eppes  

Navi Rawat.....   Amita Ramanujan / Amita Ramajuan (8 episodes) 

David Krumholtz.....   Charlie Eppes  

Alimi Ballard.....   David Sinclair  

Rob Morrow.....   Don Eppes  

Peter MacNicol.....   Dr. Larry Fleinhardt  

Gibby Brand.....   Dr. Michael Sabello (3 episodes) 

Susan Beaubian.....   FBI Agent #1 / FBI Computer Tech #2 (3 episodes) 

Svetlana Chavez.....   FBI agent/CSI investigator  

Ed O'Keefe.....   FBI Swat Team (uncredited)  

Tiger Mendez.....   Prison Guard / FBI Technician (2 episodes) 

Troy Argall.....   Swat Guy / Swat Leader #2 (2 episodes) 

Sabrina Lloyd.....   Terry Lake (2005) 


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